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This is a guide to help teach you the basic gameplay of Zynga's newest game: Bubble Safari.

Note: Each level played requires energy. Replenish your energy by either reaching 1 star rank or higher on a level; removing obstacles on the map; waiting a set amount of time; or purchasing it.

How to Play

Bubble Safari Guide

Press the spacebar to swap your bubbles

Bubble Safari Guide

You'll need to earn at least 1 star to advance to the next level. You earn points by popping bubbles. Earn a 3-star rating and you'll receive a coin bonus.

Bubble Safari Guide

Earn bonus points by dropping fruit into the baskets

Bubble Safari Guide

Drop fruit by breaking the connection between colors

Bubble Safari Guide

Earn more points by acquiring hummingbirds to guide the dropped fruit into the baskets

Bubble Safari Guide

Drop fruit 3 consecutive times and catch fire. When "on fire" you receive 3 explosive bubbles that will destroy almost everything they hit.

Bubble Safari Guide

Earning points also helps fill the bonus bubble reel. When the reel is full, click "spin" and you'll earn a bonus bubble to either use now or save for later. If you don't like the bubble you've received you can pay cash to respin.

Bubble Safari Guide

The bonus bubbles received are:

  • Rainbow - this will become the color of whichever bubble it hits.
  • Paint - this will paint the surrounding bubbles the same color as the one it hits.
  • Coconut - this is a strong bubble that will knock out a few bubbles around the one it hits.
  • Steel - this is a stronger version of coconut
  • Sticky Bomb - this will stick to whichever bubble it hits and explode after your third turn - knocking out a few extra bubbles in the area.
  • Electric - this fires a beam of electricity and destroys all the bubbles in its path.

Along with bonus bubbles there are power ups that can be purchased in the power up store. Note: You'll need to advance in levels to unlock the power ups. They last for three levels.

Bubble Safari Guide

The power ups are

  • Undo - this will undo 1 move per level.
  • +2 Friends - this will give you two extra neighbor slots per level (neighbor slots allow you to swap bubbles with each other)
  • Level Peak - this allows you to scroll to the top of the level and see everything.
  • +6 Extra - this gives you 6 extra bubbles.
  • Starting Birds - this allows you to start the level with 3 hummingbirds.
  • Extended Aim - this extends your bubble's shooter line to help with tough shots.
  • Extra Fire - this gives you 1 fire bubble per level to use whenever you want.
  • Beehive - this will block 3 bee attacks.
  • Spawner - this will send a hummingbird to temporarily disable spawners.
  • Poacher Traps - this will temporarily disable poacher traps.

As you progress through the levels you'll start to encounter in-game hazards - most can either be blasted with a fire ball or dropped by popping all the connecting bubbles. Early hazards are coconut bubbles and steel bubbles (steel bubbles are immune to fire blasts) The other hazards are:


Bubble Safari Guide

Hit any bubble connected to these pests and you'll have 5 turns before they attack. When they attack you'll lose control of the shooter and fire 3 bubbles randomly. Note: in the image below the bubbles that will upset the beehive are the 4 blue bubbles and the 2 green bubbles which are directly connected to the hive.


Bubble Safari Guide

These will spit a random color bubble onto the field each turn. Note: The trick to spawners is to shoot bubbles rapidly. If you plan a few moves in advance, you can fire off 2-3 shots before they are able to spawn a bubble.

Poacher's Trap

Bubble Safari Guide

Hit one of these and you automatically fail the level.

Rotten Fruit

Bubble Safari Guide

Drop these into your buckets and lose points. Note: Try to drop these in large groups so they don't end up in your baskets.

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