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Bubble Saga

In Bubble Saga, players take the "role" of a princess out to save her prince by traveling across a galaxy of planets by completing a Snood-style match game. Players control a cannon that fires colored bubbles at a cluster of multi-colored bubbles, trying to match at least three of the same color to clear them from the cluster. Players have a set number of projectile bubbles per level and can only cycle between the color bubble in the cannon and the next projectile bubble queued for the cannon. Each planet is divided into multiple levels, each of which being a different geometric arrangement of bubbles.

Bubble Saga

The main gameplay challenge comes from a physics perspective where the cluster rotates when shot at, presenting the player with different targets of bubble. The player needs to use strategy to shift the cluster in ways that will present their limited projectiles the maximum range of targets. Each level has a set minimum score requirement that the user must clear to pass the level and two additional score requirements for the maximum 3-star rating on the level. Players that fail the level either by missing the minimum score mark, running out of bubbles, or causing a bubble attached to the cluster to hit the wall around the puzzle lose a life. Lives can be regenerated over time, gifted by friends, or bought.

Bubble Saga monetizes through the sale of its single in-game currency, Coins. The Coins can be spent on boosts that provide gameplay advantages, like a Rainbow Bubble that will trigger a match for any color of bubble it’s shot at. Interestingly, players must first earn boosts before they become available for purchase and the only way to do that is to achieve a minimum star score across all levels on a single planet to unlock the hidden boost at the planet’s core. Bubble Saga currently accepts credit card, PayPal, mobile payments, and Facebook Credits in addition to offer wall promotions.

Bubble Saga



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