Bubble Witch Saga Cheat: Tricky Shotting 100% Success

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Those of you who play Bubble Witch Saga probably know that a tricky shot that needs to bounce off the wall to hit the right bubble is hard to place perfectly and you don't want to break your streak or waste bubbles.  Amazing news, I find ZeScreenRuler can help you imporve your scores in Bubble Witch Saga. It is just like a ruler that you place on your screen. I'd like to share you, I hope you'll find it as useful.

Bubble Witch Saga Cheat

ZeScreenRuler comes in and helps you in two ways: it shows you just where your bubble will hit when it has reflected off the wall and it has a function to slow down your mouse for placing a tricky shot. You only need to press "control" on your keyboard while aiming. After you release CTRL, your mouse goes back to its normal speed. ZeScreenRuler saves you from buying expensive power-ups like the charm of precision or paying for boosts to improve your aim. It works on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. 

  • First, you need to download ZeScreenRuler here >>
  • After downloading , start it by double clicking. It's all, I think it's easy. Just give it a try.

Bubble Witch Saga Cheat

  1. NumLock will activate the ruler, turn it off again when you don't need it and return you to the settings page while ZeScreenRuler is running, in case you want to change something.
  2. In the display options you can make additional choices to suit your needs.
  3. Hold down "SHIFT" key to to move the starting point of ZeScreenRuler to the middle of the bubble you're going to shoot to start your measurements. 
  4. Hold down "CTRL" key to make mouse move slowly.

ZeScreenRuler can  improve your scores in any bubble game. It is just like a ruler that you place on your screen. It's freeware, quick and easy to install and handle.If you like ZeScreenRuler, please share it  with your friends. 

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