Bubble Witch Saga Special Bubbles Guide

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KeyWord: Bubble Witch Saga Cheat, Special Bubble Guide, Level 161, Black Bubbles, Spider Bubbles, Infected bubbles
Black bubbles Spider Bubbles Doom Skull Bubbles
Infected bubbles Bomb Bubbles; Crystal Bubbles
Morph Bubbles Locked Bubbles Mystery Bubbles

Black bubbles


Black bubbles are introduced at level 16. They don't do any much harm by themself, but works as a catalysis for harm. Black Bubbles can not be matched with the bubbles you are shooting. They are solid as a rock, so you can't burst them at all, you have to burst bubbles above them.

Spider Bubbles


Spider bubbles are introduced at level 26. Their main mission is to destroy spiders. You launch a spider bubbles destructive behaviour by bursting it in a group of three or more bubbles. Then it spits green poisonous slime, that will destroy any spider that gets in the way.
Sometimes it is however better to let the slime destroy a spider, because if you have to choose not to burst a bubble, two spiders will go off-game up into he ceiling. Spider Bubbles appear in all the same colours as ordinary bubbles appear.

Doom Skull Bubbles


You need to avoid Doom Bubbles, they will end the level abrupt if you hit one. Doom Skull Bubbles are introduced at level 36.
Other levels with Doom Skulls are 141, 42, 43 and many more! You can insure yourself against one hit on a Doom Bubble by activating the Charm of Insurance.

Infected bubbles


The bubbles have gone sick. Hurry to get rid of all bubbles under the infected bubbles, because the plague spreads down-wise. One infected bubble will infect other bubbles underneath.You often get a chance to burst bubbles above the infection and then the infection fall into the cauldrons generating lots of points.
Infected bubbles are introduced at level 46. Special thanks to tumba25 for tipsing about the level.

Bomb Bubbles


Bombs are introduced at level 76 and they are so evil!
The starts counting down from nine, when you burst a bubble in direct contact with the bomb bubble. It counts with a rate of -1/shot you take.
When they go off, they count down from 9 to 0 and when you hit 0 there is no return, you loose a life. But there is – luckily for us – a trick to stop the countdown. Aim a bubble directly at the ticking bomb and place it there! Then the bomb stops completely. But be aware, the countdown restores to normal speed if it is set off again.
Once a bomb stopped counting on one for me, but I think it was a bug and nothing in-game featured.
There is no way to detonate the Bomb Bubble without countdown.

Crystal Bubbles


Crystal Bubbles have a chrystal shield that have to be broken to make the crystal bubble into a normal coloured bubble. You break the shield of a Crystal Bubble by bursting bubbles nearby the Crystal Bubble. When you have broke the spell to the Crystal Caves, you are introduced to Crystal Bubbles at level 86. Good bubbling!

Morph Bubbles


Morph Bubblesare shape shifting Bubbles introduced at evel 106. They change colour every other turn. The colour pair for a Morph Bubble is determined in the beginning of each level where you can find Morph Bubbles.


The ting with Morph Bubbles is to memorize the colour pair and use tactical thinking while playing a level where they appears. I use to go "red-blue, red-blue" as a mantra in my head, just memorizing one pair. The other can be discovered by knowing the first Morph Bubble pair.
There is a way to cheat these Bubbles, if you double click when shooting Bubbles, the first Bubble go away so fast, that it hit the Morph before it have had the opportunity to change colour. This way I have more chances of clearing a Morph than I otherwise would have.
Examples on levels with Morph Bubbles: level 106, 137, 142

Locked Bubbles


There are a new special type of bubbles introduced at level 116, locked bubbles with a keyhole in it. They are a part of a chain and locks the chain. Above the chain you have even more bubbles to burst! But they are greyed out until you have unlocked the lock bubble. A keyhole bubble can be any colour and you get rid of it by matching the colour. Levels with a keyhole bubble usually have to played many times, since you need some luck to manage matching the colour of the keyhole bubble.
You can find these locked bubbles with keyholes at many levels, as examples, view level 129, level 118 and level 120.
A sad little fact about lock Bubbles is that they can not be unlocked as singles with a rainbow bubble. But If the lock is paired up with a bubble in the same color, shooting a Rainbow bubble at the paired bubble will unlock the lock.

Mystery Bubbles


Mystery Bubbles are marked with a question because noone can now what you'll get from it before you get a direct hit at it
A Mystery Bubble can change into a Black Bubbles, into Bubbles to shoot in the Cauldron, into an Infected Bubble and many more things!
Tell us what kind of surprises you have got from your Mystery Bubbles! Mystery Bubbles are introduced at level 146 in the Game Bubble Witch Saga. Mystery Bubbles can also be found at level 148 and level 149.



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