Bubble Witch Saga Tips: Something You May Not Know

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Bubble Witch Saga

When you play Bubble Witch Saga, do you find some interesting introduction? They will make us know more sets about the game.

1. Morris and One-Eyed Wilbur are cousins, but have the same father.

Bubble Witch Saga  Morris

2. There are more than 100 levels in Bubble Witch Saga.

Bubble Witch Saga Level

3. North of the Crystal Caves, dangers luck in the desert sands.

Bubble Witch Saga North

4. Collect 130 stars to unlock the Rainbow Ball.

Bubble Witch Saga Collect

5. Visit the Charms shop in the upper left corner of the map to check out One-Eyed Wilbur's Daily Offer.

Bubble Witch Saga Visit

6. The most popular Charm is the Charm of Precision.

Bubble Witch Saga Most

7. The Baroness used to live up North, in Wildmill Village, before the Evil Sprits invaded.

Bubble Witch Saga Bar

8. Charms are permanent , magic items that help you fight evil.

Bubble Witch Saga Charm

9. Unlock more Magic Potions by collecting more Stars.

Bubble Witch Saga Unlock

10. You can go back and play earlier levels to get more stars, which unlocks Magic Potions.

Bubble Witch Saga Bottle

11. There is a Magic Potion that gives you 3 Gold Spiders at the start.

Bubble Witch Saga Magic

With this tips, we wish you can have a better clearance for the game!

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