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Bubble Witch Saga is a new bubble shooter game by It's a new, more progressive version of the hit flash game Bubble Witch, in which you progress from level to level, and you have to complete a different challenge with each level you beat. You also compete with your friends to see who can earn the top score on each stage. Can you get the top score out of all of your friends on every stage? For tips and tricks, keep reading.

Bubble Witch Saga

You can get either one star, two stars, or three stars on each stage, depending on the score that you get. The number of total stars that you get allows you to unlock various extras in the game, such as new levels and new power-ups, so scoring high is imperative.

Bubble Witch Saga

Conserve your energy by playing easy stages when you have only 1 life left. If you beat a stage, you will not lose any energy, but fi you lose, you will lose energy. So if your next stage is a hard stage, especially if it's a harder stage that you have been having trouble with, play easy stages for awhile until you have enough coins to buy plenty of extra power ups so that you can take on the harder stage.

Each combo adds spiders, but each shot that you don't knock out other bubbles with will take out spiders, so maximize your spiders by sometimes knocking out smaller combos that you could otherwise knock out by popping the bubbles above them. Sure, it's not the most efficient way to beat a stage, but at the end of a beaten stage, when all of the bubbles drop and bounce around off of the spiders, having twice as many spiders for them to bounce off of could net you all sorts of extra multipliers and send your score skyrocketing, because for each spider you have that one bubble hits, your bonus goes up by hundreds or even thousands of points. Having a ton of spiders on the stage could skyrocket your score into unheard-of territory.

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