Candy Crush Saga Guide: Bombs

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Bombs appear fairly early on in Candy Crush Saga and are very difficult to deal with. They are very easy to remove (usually) but as you have to do it quickly they are a deadly menace. They uaually appear with a number 9 on, but sometimes less or more depending on the level. The number will count down with every move you make until they reach zero.

Candy Crush Saga Bombs

Q. How do you get rid of bombs in Candy Crush Saga?

A.  To remove one from the board you simply have to match it with 2 or more other sweets of the same colour. Simple! It can aslo be removed by any of the special candy's. A line blast by a striped, or a blast from wrapped or spotted candy's will remove a bomb. The problem is that on most levels, not all, getting rid of one bomb doesn't stop more appearing! So you have to be constantly vigilant looking out for more bombs!

Note: If you don't remove them before they reach zero it's game over!



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