Candy Crush Saga Cheats & Tips: Boosters

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Candy Crush Saga has several boosters that can be bought with FB credits. They become available to you as you move up the levels. Here's what they are and when you can start to use them.

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Lollipop Booster: Available: Complete Level 6

Candy Crush Saga Lollipop Booster

Use: Smashes any square on the grid completely. Use it to either set up a delicious combo, or - most usefully - a particularly stubborn last square of jelly.

Three Free Moves: Available: Complete Level 7

Use: Self-explanatory! If you're very close to finishing a level but need just a handful of extra moves, this is the time to break out this particular booster.

Jelly Fish: Available: Complete Level 8

Jelly Fish

Use: When matched with other candies the jelly fish turn into 3 fish which each smash a jelly. Useful if you are down to the last jellies.

Color Bomb: Available: Complete Level 12

Candy Crush Saga Color Bomb

Use: Combining the Color Bomb with any single color on the board will result in the destruction of all tiles containing the same color. If your objectives are scattered across the board, using this booster can bring a lot of useful moves into play. Choose your target color carefully though, so that you maximize the effect.

Coconut Wheel: Available: Complete Level 14

Candy Crush Saga Coconut Wheel

Use: The Coconut Wheel adds 15 seconds to the clock during levels that are time-based. Be careful using this - if you're a particularly long way away from meeting your objectives, you can easily waste this. Worth using if you're close to the finishing line and don't have any other upgrades in the bank.

Shuffle Candy: Available: Complete Level 30

Use: If you need a last-gasp booster to polish off an objective, the Shuffle Candy may be what you're looking for. Activating this will randomly mix up all of the tiles on the screen - hopefully opening up a new matching opportunity, but there are no guarantees.

Stripe & Wrap: Available: Complete Level 34

Use: As the name suggests, the Stripe & Wrap adds one striped, and one wrapped candy to the grid at the start of your next game.

Bomb Cooler: Available: Complete Level 98

Candy Crush Saga Bomb Cooler

Use: Close to completing a level but a bomb's about to blow? Consider using your Bomb Cooler, which adds a handy extra count of five to any bombs that are active on the playing grid.

Mystery Candy: Available: Complete Level 130

Use: This particular power-up adds a mystery candy to the board that has a question mark icon. Match these up and you'll be given a useful tool for the level.

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