Candy Crush Saga Sugar Track Guide

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All aboard for a sweet reward! The Sugar Track is officially here so hop on the train to sweetness town, population you!


What is the Sugar Track?

The Sugar Track is a new feature in Candy Crush that gives you even more gameplay and great opportunities to earn a sweet in-game reward! Play special levels and you’ll receive candies called Sugar Drops! The more Sugar Drops you have, the further along the Sugar Track you’ll go and the closer you are to claiming your reward.

 How do I get on the Sugar Track?

Getting on to the Sugar Track is easy! All you have to do is make sure you have passed Level 35! You’ll then be able to play Sugar Track levels to collect Sugar Drops!

How do I find Sugar Drop levels?

Sugar Drops can be found in levels you’ve already played (providing they are after episode 3) and levels you have yet to play! You’ll know a level contains a Sugar Drop as it will have a special ribbon around it with a “C” in the centre.


How do I collect Sugar Drops?

If you set off a "Sweet", "Tasty", "Delicious" or “Divine” combo, while playing a Sugar Drop level, one regular candy on the board will be transformed into a Sugar Drop.


To collect your Sugar Drop, simply match it like you would any other candy! The great thing is, even if you fail a level you can still keep any Sugar Drops you have already collected from it.


What rewards can I get?


Rewards can come in all shapes and sizes: from boosters to lives and everything in between. You never know what you are going to get. Tasty!



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