Candy Crush Saga Guide: How to Use UFO

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How to use Candy Crush Saga flying saucers or UFO's.

You will encounter the Candy Crush Saga UFO or flying saucer for the first time when you reach level 846. Below is the screenshot of level 846 Candy Crush Saga showing the UFO circled in the middle of the board.


The Candy Crush Saga UFO is a really useful booster which can help enormously to clear chocolate or jelly levels.

The Candy Crush Saga UFO can be switched with any candy that isn't locked in marmalade or licorice strings.

The UFO can only be switched with another candy or a special candy and when you switch it, it will hover over the board for a few seconds, then fire out three wrapped candies randomly, which will then detonate giving two explosions each as a normal Candy Crush Saga wrapped candy would.

It can be switched with a special candy such as a wrap or stripe, or even a colour bomb, but it is a waste of the special candy as you still only get the three wrapped candies.

You should save your special candies to use in other ways so they won't be wasted.

Unfortunately you can't direct where the Candy Crush Saga UFO will fire the wraps, so they are not always as helpful as you would like.

There are some orders levels where you need to collect wrapped candies and the UFO's are very helpful on those levels as they will provide 3 wraps each which will count towards your orders.

I have found that on most levels with UFO's it is best to use them as soon as possible, as they will open up the board by getting rid of cream blockers as well as chocolate as in level 846 above.

Below is the video for level 847, showing the Candy Crush Saga flying saucers at work.



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