Candy Crush Saga Tips & Tricks for Mobile Users

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As more and more people are playing Candy Crush Saga on mobile devices such as ipad and  iphone  more tricks and shortcuts are being discovered! These tips are passed on by other players and are not tested by the publisher and therefore not guaranteed to work for everyone.

Candy Crush Saga Mobile Tips and Tricks

Restart without losing a life!

When you first click on play, have a good look at the board and if you don't like the look of it..No good moves for a good start....Hit the back button and it will go back, leaving the game, but not use a life!  You can do this as many times as you like until you get a board that you like!

Save Your Lives

When your friends send you lives they will go into your message box and you have to open this and accept the lives.
Since you can only have 5 lives at a time to play with you should ONLY accept 5 lives from your message box, then close it. When you have used those 5 lives open up the message box and accept 5 more! Don't forget to scroll down and send out requests for lives from your friends!! ONLY save your lives!

Candy Crush Saga Mobile Tips and Tricks

Unlimited lives!

When you run out of lives, change the clock on your device forward a few hours and then go back to the game...
Your lives should be replenished...Then reset the clock to normal and the lives will stay...

Q. I can't see my CC friends.

Not sure if I solved the problem of playing on ipad in requesting lives and tickets not showing up when you want to request the lives and tickets but by listing your cc friends as "close friends" seems to bring them all up when your out of lives. I switched around my "friends" menu and now your all showing up.....whew thought I'd never get it....thanks all



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