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Candy Crush Saga is a game developed by that invites you to a wide variety of match-3 challenges. This tips and tricks, hints and cheats to help you manage your match-making in Candy Crush Saga.

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special candies (4-5 candies combination)

i) Striped Candies/ Horizontal/Vertical Candies

a) Vertical Candies

Candy Crush Saga Tips

Candy Crush Saga Tips

b) Horizontal Candies

-Using dropping method to make horizontal candies are not recommended because it is better used to make colour candy.

Candy Crush Saga Tips

Candy Crush Saga Tips

-Notice the difference of stripe. If it was combined, the pink line shows the clearance path. The orange striped will clear horizontal line so let's call it horizontal striped candy. Purple one is vertical striped candy.

-The set-up above, you can also make tactical combination, move the purple candy to the right and it will clear orange candy and orange candy will altogether clear top horizontal line.

-Normal candies destroyed = 60 points per candy

ii) Wrapped Candies/ Bomb Candies

Candy Crush Saga Tips

Candy Crush Saga Tips

Candy Crush Saga Tips

-The pink area is the explosion area. It will be explode with 540 points.

- It will explode two times which differs from other alike game. First, it explodes the shown area and drop to above that bottom middle blue and explode the light blue area.

iii) Colour Bomb

Candy Crush Saga Tips

-Colour Bomb can be paired with any colour candy. It will then destroy all candy of that colour over the board.

-At 0 moves Candy Crush, it randomly hits candies.

combination of special candies (can combine regardless of colours)

i) Striped Candies with Striped Candies

Candy Crush Saga Tips

- Pay attention to the difference between two pairing.

- The clearance path will be determined by the meeting point of the two candies.

- Regarded as least useful combination for me.

ii) Striped Candies with Bomb Candies

Candy Crush Saga Tips

- The 3-lines clearance path is determined by the vocal point just like previous combination.

- Very effective combination. Can clear a lot of candies depending on how big is the map.

iii) Striped Candies with Colour Bombs

Candy Crush Saga Tips

Candy Crush Saga Tips

- Super effective combination if there is a lot of similar colored candies in the map to the one you are going to pair with.

iv) Bomb candy with bomb candy

-Hits a bigger area (5x5) than a bomb candy (3x3).

v) Colour candy with colour candy

Candy Crush Saga Tips

- All candies would be cleaned up.

Possible added difficulties

i) Walls - as level higher, the wall will get thicker.

- You would need to combine candies beside the walls to break/ decompose them away.

- In challenges that have walls, it would always best to break the walls to get more space to make more special candies.

- In higher level, bomb candies is quite effective against walls because of double detonation effect.

ii) Net

- You can easily remove the net using striped candies or just by normal combinations.

iii) Chocolate

- This chocolate will expand every move you take. The common misconception is that you have to be fast if not, your whole map will be filled with chocolate. That's wrong. Don't rush and take your time. You don't move, it won't expand.

You can break the chocolate by combine candies beside the chocolate or using striped candies. Striped candies effect tend to break chocolate as the effect expands into 3 lines.

- You can stop the chocolate from expanding when you actually break all the chocolates. But, at higher level, it is impossible to stop chocolate completely because there is a chocolate making machine.

iv) Time bombs

- Similar to chocolate, the time bomb's time will reduced by 1 every time you move. However, time bomb is a very dangerous obstacle because when it booms, you are straight away 'Game over'. So, always give priority to clearing bomb first but don't forget about the challenge objective and always aware of bomb timing.

Possible scenarios criteria and basic tips

i) Time given - Very little challenge based on this

- Rush all the way and look out for bomb candies or color candies and combination with striped candies

ii) Moves given - Most of the challenge

- Always think before move.

iii) Get certain amount of points - All challenge

iv) Get ingredients down

- Use vertical candies or combined with bomb candies to easily get pass this type of challenge.

v) Break all the jelly

- To do well, you need to have special candies or combinations to break the jelly.

vi) Complete orders - Certain amount of particular colored candies, special candies and combination of special candies.

- Always pay attention to the orders. For example, there is no use of making a lot of colour bomb when the order wanted 3 combination of bomb and striped candies.

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