Top 10 Candy Crush Saga Tips

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As you get further ahead in this game, you will find it almost impossible to clear some stages. Therefore, to get really far in Candy Crush Saga, not only do you need plenty of time and patience, you would also need a deep pocket to purchase add ons to help you in your game. Here are 10 tips and cheats to play this game.

Candy Crush Saga Tips

1. When four same-colored candies are matched in a row a Striped Candy is created. The orientation of the stripes depends on the way the four candies were aligned. When this piece is matched, it will clear all of the candies in either a horizontal or vertical direction.

2. When five same-colored candies are matched in either an L or T shape formation a Wrapped Candy is created. When this candy is matched it explodes twice in a row, clearing a 3 by 3 box around itself each time.

3. When five same-colored candies are matched in a single line a Color Bomb is created. When this candy is swapped with any other candy, all candies of that color are removed from the board.

4. When a Striped Candy and Wrapped Candy (of any color) are swapped together, a giant super candy is created. Upon creation it moves in a horizontal direction and then a vertical direction, clearing 3 rows of candies and then 3 columns of candies.

5. When a Color Bomb and Stripped candy are swapped, it will convert all candies of the same collar as the stripped one into other stripped ones and detonate them all at once.

6. When a Color Bomb and a Wrapped Candy are swapped, it will clear all the candies of the color as the stripped candy and then clear another color at random.

7. When two striped candies are swapped, it will clear a vertical column and horizontal row, even if they face the face direction.

8. When two wrapped candies are swapped, the blast radius is doubled to form a 5 by 5 box around it.

9. When two color bombs are swapped, the entire board is cleared.

10.Jelly Fish can also appear (or be purchased), and if they are matched they will clear 3 candies at random from the board.

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