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The CastleVille Christmas season has finally arrived on Facebook! In thye spirit of the holiday season, Zynga has released new CastleVille Christmas characters and quests, along with numerous limited edition items just for your kingdom. Here is a list on what you can find on your kingdom this Christmas season.

New Christmas Character – Kris Kringle

Meet Kris Kringle! CastleVille's very own version of Santa Claus. Accidentally landing on your kingdom after being chased and shot down by evil beasties, he's going to require your help! Be a good elf and help our Santa be on his way this Christmas, bringing presents and joy on everyone's hearts in the realm.

New Christmas Quests

Snow Fall

  • Place Landing Target
  • Click on the Target
  • Help Kris Kringle Out of the Snow

CastleVille Christmas Character – Kris Kringle

This first quest is incredibly simple. You'll just need to place a lighted target from your inventory into your kingdom. Don't worry about where to place it, as once you do (and then click on it again), Kris Kringle will dive head-first into the snow pile. Clicking on the stuck Santa allows you to free him, but it also causes the Landing Target to disappear from your land. You'll earn 500 coins and 10 XP for finishing this quest.

Ode to Joy
  • Place Gift Shoppe Foundation
  • Build the Gift Shoppe

CaslteVille Quest: Snow Fall

The Gift Shoppe is placed in your inventory for free. You'll need to have 10 each of Wood Logs, Stones and Holiday Wreaths to finish its construction, with the Holiday Wreaths coming from individual requests sent to friends. Once it's finished building, Kris will walk over to the building in a very slow animation, so don't panic if your goal quest doesn't automatically complete. Once he arrives, the quest will finish and you'll receive 500 coins, 10 XP and a Candy Cane Pole decoration.

Slipping Up

  • Craft 1 Holiday Slipper in the Gift Shoppe
  • Collect the Holiday Slipper
  • Decorate your Kingdom with 3 Holiday Trio Candles

Slipping Up

The Holiday Slipper requires five Wool (from tending Adult Sheep), two Wool Thread (can be crafted inside a Studio) and a Bell, which can be earned by tending animals or helping out in neighboring kingdoms. All three of these items can also be earned by simply asking your friends to send them to you. The Slippers take an hour to craft, so just come back when they're done and collect them to finish off the second task. As for the Holiday Trio Candles, each one costs 2,000 coins in the store. By finishing this quest, you'll receive 750 coins and 15 XP.

Sugar Rush

  • Craft a Fruit Cake in the Gift Shoppe
  • Tend one Neighbor Kitchen
  • Have 3 Cookies

The Cookies come from either fishing or asking your friends to send them to you. The Fruit Cake requires eight Grapes (harvest the Grape crop), 10 bundles of Wheat (harvest the Wheat crop) and two Spices (tend flowers or grass) to craft. You can also earn the Spices by asking your friends to send them to you, or randomly when helping out in neighbors' kingdoms. It takes an hour to craft. Finishing this quest gives you 750 coins, 15XP and a Festive Wreath Lamp.

Sacked Out
  • Craft 5 Presents in your Gift Shoppe
  • Harvest 20 Flax
  • Craft 4 Rope

The Presents are actually the individual items that you can craft within your Gift Shoppe, including the Holiday Slippers and Fruit Cake. They're just placed into a larger category called "Presents," or "Gifts." You might have noticed a new meter running along the top of your in-game menu, containing a large gift bag and a holiday sweater. This will fill as you collect those gifts, with Fruit Cake being worth two Gifts each and Holiday Slippers being worth just one. You'll need five Presents in all to finish this goal, but keep going, as you'll fill that meter and receive the Holiday Sweater reward if you do. As for the Flax, this takes just 30 minutes to grow, and can be used to craft the Rope (five Flax per Rope inside the Workshop). You'll receive 1,000 coins and 20 XP for finishing this quest.

New Christmas Available Items

Holiday Elf Blouse – 10 Crowns
Holiday Elf Coat – 10 Crowns
Holiday Elf Dress – 10 Crowns
Holiday Elf Hat – 5 Crowns
Holiday Elf Hat 2 – 5 Crowns
Holiday Elf Pants – 10 Crowns


Snowy Courtyard – 500 coins
Candy Cane Fence – 500 coins (per piece)
Snow Shovel – 300 coins
Caught Gingerbread Man – 750 coins
Escaping Gingerbread Man – 750 coins
Festive Candy Pole – 500 coins
Holiday Banner – 15 Crowns
Holiday Candle Trio – 2,000 coins
Jingle Banner – 15 Crowns
Ivory Poinsettia – 400 coins
Pink Poinsettia – 15 Reputation Hearts
Poinsettia – 400 coins



Gingerbread House – 35 Crowns

Candy Cane Sheep – 35 Crowns
Sweatered Sheep – 25 Crowns
Cozy Sheep – 10,000 coins
Snuggly Sheep – 30 Crowns
Holiday Sheep – 25 Crowns

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