CastleVille Quest Guide: A Gnome Anomaly

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Chaos reigns! Faugrimm has bewitched the Gnomes into behaving rather badly. You must break the curse that binds them! There are eight new quests in A Gnome Anomaly quest, here with a guide to helping you finish them off.

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CastleVille A Gnome Anomaly Quest

Quest 1: A Taste of Disaster

CastleVille A Gnome Anomaly Quest

  • Explore the Land
  • Have 3 Gnome Lanterns
  • Collect 1 Blue Quartz Egg

Quest 2: Open and Shut Case!

  • Open the Door of the Main Gnome Burrow
  • Tax 5 Houses
  • Free 2 Gnomes

Quest 3: Soothing Effects

CastleVille A Gnome Anomaly Quest

  • Feed 5 Cows
  • Clear Purple Moss from 2 Rocks
  • Craft 4 Animal Treats

Quest 4: A Sticky Situation

CastleVille A Gnome Anomaly Quest

  • Craft and Use 3 Purging Talismans
  • Craft 2 Revert to Reason Spells

Quest 5: Steal on Opportunity

  • Banish 3 Gloom Thieves
  • Craft 4 Flaming Swords
  • Cast the Revert to Reason Spell 4 Times

Quest 6: One Clean Sweep

CastleVille A Gnome Anomaly Quest

  • Clean the Gnome Burrow
  • Craft 3 Purging Talismans

Quest 7: Show of Strength

  • Spend 25 Charmstones in the Market
  • Craft 3 S'Mores
  • Cast 5 Sunripen Spells

Quest 8: Pet Goose Chase

CastleVille A Gnome Anomaly Quest

  • Free GeeGee the Pet Goose
  • Cast Revert to Reason Spell 3 Times
  • Craft 3 Vegetable Cocktails for GeeGee

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