CastleVille Quest Guide: A Great Dish

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CastleVille A Great Dish

The guide will introduce the "A Great Dish" quest in CastleVille.

By Maria Cruz From CastleVille Quests Help

Available to Level 15
Completed "Magical Corn" Quest

CastleVille A Great Dish

Quinn is back for St Patrick Day! This time he is going to cook, if you let him.

1. A Main Dish

CastleVille A Main Dish

CastleVille Cabbage

  • Catch 10 Bass to prepare the Dish (Fish and remember to check if your inventory is full)
  • Harvest 8 Cabbage to garnish the Fish Dish (Cabbage takes 12 hrs to grow)
  • Buy a Wishing Well (Purchase in the Market > Town)
  • Rewards: 1500 Coins, 30 XP

2 . Battered and Fried

CastleVille Flax

  • Harvest 16 Flax;
  • Craft 2 Fried Fish (Craft => Kitchen. Materials: 4 Bass, 4 Flaxseed Oil, 2 Flour Sack. It takes 8hrs)

CastleVille Fried Fish

  • Use 1 Fried Fish to get energy
  • Rewards: 2000 Coins , 40 XP

3. Dinner Is Served

CastleVille Lemon Slices
Ask Friends

  • Get 5 Lemon Slices (Ask Friends)
  • Collect 15 Wood Logs (Chop trees or collect from wood logging Camp)
  • Collect taxes from 10 Houses in your Kingdom
  • Rewards: 2500 Coins, 50 XP

4 . Tasty Filets

CastleVille Spyglasses
Ask Friends

  • Fish in 5 Neighbors' Ponds
  • Get 3 Spyglasses from Friends (Ask Friends)
  • Visit Neighbors to fish in their Ponds
  • Rewards: 3250 Coins, 65 XP

5 . On the Road Again

CastleVille Corn Plot

  • Harvest 15 Ears of Corn (2 hrs to grow)
  • Make 3 Bags of Popcorn (Craft => Kitchen Materials: 5 Corn, 2 Sticks of Butter, 1 Flaxseed Oil. It takes 1hr)

CastleVille Bag of Popcorn

  • Gather 10 Honey (tend Flowers)
  • Rewards: 2500 Coins, 50 XP

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