Castleville Quest Guide: A Tale of Two Pirates (Coming Soon)

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Where there's a pirate ship, there's treasure. This is the plot for the upcoming quest line that Sonja will give you. This starts in the Land's End, and you get there by visiting your new neighbor Jacques (new character). There is a shipwreck that need repair. She's been ravaged by a Gloom Storm and Jacques cannot repair it on his own. She is loaded with treasure that Jacques is willing to share as compensation. Let's help him? Check below how.

CastleVille A Tale of Two Pirates Quest

Note: Be aware that since the missions are still UNRELEASED, both the sequence of tasks and the numbers can be slightly different!

There are 4 colors of these Lightning Hubs, that you will have to disable them in order to deactivate the  Elemental Totem. That will that vanquish the Lightning Storm! In some way this reminds you the Beacons in the Unicorns Theme.

CastleVille Lightning

Mission 1 - To Land's End

  • Visit your new neighbor Jacques - The Pirate in the Land's End (Visit Land's End by clicking Jacques in the Neighbor Bar)
  • Investigate the shipwreck to see what needs to be fixed. (Click the Shipwreck on Land's End and collect the needed materials - Steering Wheels by asking friends,...)

Mission 2 - The Perfect Gloom Storm

  • Fish for Clams and Oysters. You are going to need them.
  • Find a pearl in the Tidal Pool.
  • Banish a beastie.

Mission 3 - The Perfect Gloom Storm II

  • Get cheese from Goat's Milk (Get this item by feeding Adult Goats.)
  • Get Fluffy Wool (Feed Adult Sheep)
  • Collect the Condescending Pearl of Wisdom (Found in the belly of a Magical Fish)

Mission 4 - Hammer Time

  • Have 1 Lightning Hammers to destroy Lightning Hubs. (Craft Lightning Hammers in the Workshop.)
  • Destroy 2 Lightning Hubs on Land's End. (Click on Lightning Hubs to destroy them using Lightning Hammers.)
  • Shut down the Lightning Totem on Land's End. (Click the Lightning Totem to shut it down after its Hubs are destroyed.)
  • Disable the Lightning Hubs so you can deactivate the Elemental Lightning Totem. That will that vanquish the Lightning Storm!

Mission 5 -  Home Brew

  • Chop 1 Palm Trees on Land's End to find Coconuts. We'll need Coconuts to disable the Water Totem. (Coconuts have a chance to drop from Palm Trees.)
  • Craft 2 Iron Axe to help you chop the trees.
  • Have 3 Salvaged Metal from Land's End. (Salvaged Metal can be found by performing any action on Land's End.)

Mission 6 -  Nuts and Bolts

  • Collect from Coffee Plants 1 time to find Coffee Beans. (Drop from Coffee Plants)
  • Craft 2 Grindstone to make Coffee Grounds. (Craft > Kitchen)
  • Harvest 3 Carrots to munch on while you work.

Mission 7 - Water's Chalice

  • Have 1 Water Chalices to destroy the Water Hubs on Land's End. (Water Chalices can be crafted in the Beastie Lab.)
  • Shut down the Water Totem on Land's End to weaken the Water Gloom Storm. (Click on the Water Totem on Land's End to shut it off after all the Water Hubs are destroyed.)
  • Have 3 Eye Patches to get in a piratey mood. (Ask Friends for Eye Patches.)
  • Disable the Water Hubs so you can deactivate the Water Totem. That will that vanquish the Water Storm.

Mission 8 - Ship-Shape

  • Repair the Santa Lucia's Mast on Land's End. (Click on the Pirate Ship on Land's End to see what items are required for repair.)
  • Craft 2 tube of Glue to help hold the Masts in place! (Craft > Studio)
  • Craft 3 Coconut Sherbet to keep everyone happy while repairing the ship. (Craft > Kitchen).

Mission 9 - Swordplay

  • Banish 1 Gloom Crocs threatening the Goats in Land's End. (Click on Gloom Crocs to banish them.)
  • Tend Goats 2 time on Land's End to get Cheese. (Goats on Land's End only have a chance of producing Cheese.)
  • Craft 3 Parchment for the Goats to chew on. They love the stuff! (Craft > Studio

Mission 10 - Wind's Horn

  • Have 1 Wind Horns to destroy the Wind Hubs on Land's End. (Craft > Studio)
  • Shut down the Wind Totem after all the Wind Hubs are destroyed. (Click on it)
  • Have 3 Salvaged Metal to continue repairs on the Santa Lucia. (Salvaged Metal can be found by performing actions on Land's End.)
  • Disable the Lightning Hubs so you can deactivate the Lightning Totem. That will that vanquish the Lightning Storm!
  • Look, the Sails of the Santa Lucia freed from the storm! Now we can finish the construction of the ship and get our hands on that treasure!

Mission 11 - The Open Sea

  • Get Jellyfish (Ask Friends)
  • Rebuild Sonja's pirate ship! (Ask Friends for Steering Wheels,...)

Mission 12 - The Open Sea II

  • Use the Pirate's Key to open the Pirate's Chest. (Craft these in the Workshop.)
  • Finish repairing the Santa Lucia by adding its sails. (Help the Santa Lucia get off the Beach by giving it one last push!)
  • Click on the pirate ship to see what parts you need to complete its repairs.
  • Click on the Santa Lucia to push it out to sea.
  • You saved the Land's End and Jacques' Ship. How Heroic!



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