CastleVille Tips: Deck out Your Kingdom with Additional Party Items

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In CastleVille now you can find a new series of items which are designed with the Carnival theme. We all do not know how long they will appera. Catch the chance, don't squander it!

By Brandy Shaul From

Carnival is still going on in CastleVille, and to stop the party from ending too soon, Zynga has released additional items in the game's store. There are new outfits for your avatar, along with new animals and decorations with which to decorate your kingdom. Here's a complete look at these new items.

CastleVille Additional Party Items

Carnival Feather Headdress - 5 Crowns
Carnival Feather Headdress - 4 Crowns
Carnival Mask - 6 Crowns
Exotic Mask - 6 Crowns
Flamenco Dress - 10 Crowns
Flamenco Pants - 6 Crowns
Flamenco Shirt - 5,000 coins
Flamenco Top - 9 Crowns

CastleVille Additional Party Items

Giant Bird Head - 6 Crowns
Giant Goblin Head - 20 Reputation Hearts
Giant Monster Head - 5,000 coins
Giant Unicorn Head - 6 Crowns
Gold Tile - 10 Reputation Hearts
Merengue Swan - 18 Crowns
Samba Swan - 18 Crowns
Carnival Fence - 500 coins

CastleVille Additional Party Items

Carnival Peacock - 25 Crowns
Equestrian Float - 25 Crowns
Samba Drums - 50 Reputation Hearts
Sunflower Bouquet - 250 coins

These items will only be available for a limited amount of time, but we don't have a specific countdown available for them just yet. Your safest bet would be to purchase these items now, rather than waiting until later, just to make sure you end up with all of the items you really want.

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