CastleVille Quest Guide: Adventure Club

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In CastleVille if you have reached level 26 and have completed Rafael's Love in the Time of Gloom Quest, you can receive a new quest from him. Let us know it in detail!

By Jan Mitz Olivier From PinoyTechnologies

A Guide for Castleville, Rafael's Quest Guide: Adventure Club

This Quest will be available at level 26 and completed Rafael's "Love in the Time of Gloom"

CastleVille Rafael


  • Adventure Club Enrollment
  • Hunter meet Hunted
  • Fire Eater
  • Interruptive Dance
  • Going Tribal

Adventure Club Enrollment

CastleVille Coin

  • Pay the one time 25000 non-refundable enrollment fee
  • With the membership fee, you will receive 1 special button

CastleVille Thief Cloak

  • Mail in 5 Proof-of-Banishings. Thief Cloaks only
  • Banish Gloom Thieves to find Thief Cloaks
  • Buy Gloom Thief Potions in the Market for Reputations


  • 5250 coins
  • 105 experience points
  • 1 button

Hunter meet Hunted

CastleVille Goblin Gloom Potion

  • Craft 1 Goblin Gloom Potion
  • Goblin Gloom Potion can be crafted at the Workshop

CastleVille Gloom Goblin Ears

  • Have 10 Gloom Goblin Ears
  • Goblins come from Mining

CastleVille Beastie

  • Clobber 1 Beastie in 5 different Neighbor's Kingdoms
  • Visit 5 different Neighbors and Clobber 1 Beastie in each of their Kingdoms or visit Duke and refresh 4 times


  • 3250 coins
  • 65 experience points

Fire Eater

CastleVille Chili Pepper

  • Harvest 20 Chili Peppers
  • Click on Farm Plots and buy the number of Chili Pepper crops you need

CastleVille Spicy Sausage

  • Have 2 Spicy Sausage
  • Spicy Sausage can be crafted at the Kitchen, and own a Butcher

CastleVille Milk Bottle

  • Have 20 Milk Bottles
  • Get Milk Bottles from feeding Adult Cows


  • 5250 coins
  • 105 experience points

Interruptive Dance

CastleVille Regal Hoe

  • Have 5 Regal Hoes
  • Ask friends for Regal Hoes

CastleVille Brick CourtyardCastleVille Cobblestone

  • Buy 3 Cobblestone or Brick Courtyard
  • Courtyard can be purchased in the Decoration tab of the Market

CastleVille Practice Dummy

  • Have 1 Practice Dummy
  • Practice Dummies can be crafted at the Studio or can be bought at the Market for 25, 000 coins


  • 5250 coins
  • 105 experience points

Going Tribal

CastleVille Tree Stump

  • Clear 1 Tree Stump in 5 different Neighbor's Kingdom to use as drums
  • Visit 5 different Neighbors and clear 1 tree stump in each of their kingdoms

CastleVille Leather

  • Have 3 Leathers for the drums
  • Leathers can be crafted at the studio

CastleVille Feather

  • Have 5 Feathers for Tribal Costumes
  • Feed Adult Peacocks to gather Feathers


  • 3250 coins
  • 65 experience points

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