CastleVille Guide: Animal Feed and Growth

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This guide will show you how long it takes to feed your animal and what items you can gain from them. Each Castleville animal has 3-4 growth states - Baby, mature, youth and adult. Check out below...


Castleville Chicken

CastleVille Chicken 

  • Castleville chicken takes 6 feeds to reach the next growth state.
  • Waiting time per feed 10 minutes.
  • It takes 2 hours for chicken to reach adult state.
  • Items that drop at adult state: Eggs, Chicken Meat

Castleville Cow

CastleVille Cow

  • Castleville cow takes 8 feeds to reach the next growth state, baby,youth,adult.
  • Waiting time per feed 30 minutes.
  • The time it takes to reach adult state is 8 hours.
  • Items that drop from adult castleville cow are milk and cow hide

Castleville Sheep

CastleVille Sheep

  • Castleville Sheep takes 8 feeds to reach next growth state from baby to youth and from youth to adult
  • Time it takes per feed is 60 minutes
  • To reach the adult state it takes 16 hours
  • Item that drop from adult sheep is wool

Castleville Pig

CastleVille Pig

  • Castleville pig takes 14 feeds to reach the youth state
  • Castleville pig takes 3 hours per feed
  • The pig takes 3.5 days to reach adult state
  • Item that castleville pig will drop is meat

Castleville Peacock

CastleVille Peacock

  • Castleville peacock takes 8 feeds to reach the next growth stage
  • Time per feed is 6 hours
  • Castleville peacock will grown to adult state in 4 days
  • Items that drop from adult peacock are red feather and blue feather

Castleville Goose

CastleVille Goose

  • Castleville goose requires 8 feeds to reach the next stage of growth
  • Goose takes 24 hours per feed
  • The castleville goose will reach adult state in 16 days
  • Adult Castleville goose drops items like down feather

Castleville Mink

CastleVille Mink

  • The mink in castleville takes 12 feeds to reach youth state
  • Castleville mink takes 12 hours per feed
  • The mink takes 12 days to reach adult state
  • Item that drop from castleville adult mink is mink oil

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