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Following the latest Zynga release of Castleville Beta on Facebook. CastleVille Walkthrough provides you the detailed information you will need to get you started on your medieval adventure. Check out below...

Character Customization

CastleVille Beginner Guide

  • Before the start of the game you will be given the chance to customize your CastleVille character
  • Choose your characters gender.
  • "Randomize" will generate random physical features of your character in the game.
  • "Customize" will open up a new menu which will allow you to choose different features available for your character.
  • Once satisfied, click on "Save".

Beginning Your Adventure

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  • Right after customization, you will bump into two NPC characters in CastleVille.
  • Rescue "The Duke" and the maiden "Yvette" by bashing the rats to banish them.
  • Right after you've defeated the rats you will be introduced on your very first CastleVille neighbor "The Duke".
  • You will now start building your own kingdom.
  • Yvette the maiden will stay in your kingdom.
  • Yvette and the "Duke" will guide you through some basic quests that serves as a tutorial.
  • Simply follow the steps they ask of you.

Getting to Know the Menu and Icons

CastleVille Beginner Guide

Gold Coins

  • Represented by a coin icon, this is the main currency being used within CastleVille.
  • Used to purchase items, buildings, etc.
  • Has a maximum limit of 5,000,000.


  • A special CastleVille currency represented by a crown.
  • This is used to purchase special items found on the shop.
  • You can gain 1 crown for each level up.
  • Gained in some quest as a reward.

CastleVille Beginner Guide


  • Represented as a heart.
  • This is used to purchase special items found on the CastleVille shop.
  • You can gain reputation by visiting neighbors and helping them on various tasks.


  • Represents the amount of actions you can make.
  • Will gradually increase as your CastleVille character level's up.
  • Each 5 minutes replenish 1 energy and is indicated by the timer.


  • Castle Points serve as an indicator of how your kingdom has grown.
  • Increases as you build more royal structures.
  • Serves as a prerequisite before you can build some structures and kingdom expansions.

CastleVille Beginner Guide


  • Represents your character's current level.
  • Moving your pointer over the bar displays experience needed for the next level up.
  • When bar is filled to the max, you gain one level.
  • Each level replenishes your energy full.
  • Each level up unlocks more buildings to build.
  • Each level up unlocks more crops to plant.

Add Coins or Crowns

  • Purchase coins or crowns using real cash

CastleVille Beginner Guide

Quests Icons

  • Represented by the faces of those whom you received the quest from.
  • Clicking on the image will display the quest description and status.
  • Quests can be automatically be completed in some cases with the use of crowns.
  • Moving your pointer to the "?" beside the various requirements will display a more detailed guide.
  • Clicking on postpone will cancel the quest.
  • To re-establish quest, simply talk to the person who gave the quest.

CastleVille Beginner Guide

Setting Options

  • Toggle full screen mode – allows the game to run full screen, Press "ESC" on your keyboard to return to windowed mode.
  • Zoom In – Zooms camera in for a closer look.
  • Zoom Out – Zoom camera out to get a better overall view.
  • Toggle Graphics Quality – Switch to Low or High graphics setting.
  • Sounds Off – Switches sound on or off.
  • Music Off – Switches background music on or off.
  • Close Setting Options – Collapses the setting options menu.

CastleVille Beginner Guide

Bottom Menu Bar

  • Kingdom Name – Shows your kingdom's name
  • Neighbors List – Displays the current neighbors you have

Design Mode

  • Paint – Allows you to choose color for your buildings. Has two modes, Primary and secondary building color.
  • Sell – This will allow you to sell an object or a building.
  • Rotate – This will rotate the angle on which your building or decoration should face.
  • Move – Allows you to move an object or building.

CastleVille Beginner Guide


  • Shows current stored buildings, decorations, nature, consumables, materials.
  • Search Bar – Allows you to input the item you are looking for.
  • Sort items – By count or alphabetically.

Cancel Current Action

  • Cancels whatever action your character is doing or is about to do

Customize Avatar

  • Displays character customization menu


  • Specials – New royal items, decorations, starter packs.
  • Buildings – Displays different types of structures you can build.
  • Decor – Displays different types of decorations to enhance the look of your kingdom.
  • Nature – Displays different types of nature related objects such as plants, trees, etc.
  • Clothes – Displays different types of apparel you can customize your character with.
  • Consumables – Displays different types of consumable items that can help in production, crafting, etc.

CastleVille Beginner Guide

Top Menu Bar

  • Free Gifts – Items you can send to your fellow neighbors.
  • Play – Allows you to go back into the game when your engage in other menus.
  • Invite friends – Opens up the invite neighbor menu.
  • Add coins or crowns – Menu to use real cash to purchase coins or crowns.
  • Earn Crowns – Visit sponsors, complete surveys to receive free crowns.
  • Game cards – Redeem your game cards by entering pin numbers.
  • Help – Displays the FAQ’s, bug issues and more relevant information about CastleVille.

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