CastleVille Guide: How to Get 50% Bonus Crop Speed

Date: Dec 07 2011 08:03:36 Source: Castleville Guide and Tips
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Do you need more coins in CastleVille? Do you want to level up more quickly in CastleVille? Do you know how to reach 50% Bonus Crop Speed in CastleVille? Click in the guide, you will know the best way to them!

By Jacob B From CastleVille Guide and Tips

1. To get 50% crop bonus speed, set up as shown in the picture. Make sure the river is a "solid" river. If you place two river sections a square apart, they will look like a connected river, but there's really a space in between that doesn't count as a river tile for irrigation purposes.

castleville crop

2. For a limited time, you can gift river sections. Gift them to your buddies, and if they autogift you back, you get lots!

castleville fast

3. Gloom Beasties - Depending on level, you have a maximum of 2-3 or more Gloom Beasties in your kingdom. Set up an area in your kingdom that you wouldn't mind having Gloom Beasties on. Destroy all Gloom Beasties in your kingdom, then make sure you are standing in the center of the setup area, then drink a few Gloom Beastie potions (available in the Marketplace for Reputation hearts; you can get Reputation hearts by visiting neighbors and performing friend actions). If you drink more potions than your kingdom allows Gloom Beasties, the potion drops (just pick it up). If your neighbors fight off your Gloom Beasties, let them. First, you can get energy drops when a Gloom Beastie is destroyed. Second, you should have lots of Reputation anyways, so you can easily replace the potion. If you open up a new area, there is often a Gloom Beastie in that area that appears even if your kingdom is "maxed out" on Gloom Beasties. You can leave it for your neighbors to destroy or beat it up yourself.

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