CastleVille Book of Sinister Schemes Quests Guide

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Quest Requirements to Gain Access to this Quest Line:

- Players must have reached level 30.
- Players must have Faugrimm's Book of Sinister Schemes by completing

Breaking the Book

  • Have 6 Lenses
  • Have 20 Wool
  • Craft 1 Purity Talisman

The Lenses are earned by posting a general request to your friends for help. You'll receive 4,250 coins and 85 XP for finishing this quest, which is actually a lot considering the relative ease of this first quest.

Secrets Revealed
  • Have 30 Farm Plots
  • Harvest 30 Crops
  • Craft 2 Leather

You can plant and harvest any crop you'd like, so feel free to plant something with a short growth time in order to more quickly finish this quest. You'll earn 3,250 coins and 65 XP when it's finished.

Be Prepared!
  • Craft 1 Corn Dog
  • Have 7 Sticks of Butter
  • Tend 20 Houses

Rewards: 4,250 coins and 85 XP

Danger! Danger!
  • Have 4 Kitchens
  • Tend 5 Kitchen Support Buildings
  • Harvest 20 Tomatoes

Triple Digit Heat
  • Craft 2 Kegs
  • Have 5 Water Pumps
  • Craft 3 Chocolate Bars

Rewards: 5,250 coins and 105 XP

Faugrimm's Sinister Schemes
  • Get 25 Pails of Water
  • Have 10 Moat or River Tiles
  • Craft 1 Infinity Fish Bowl

Rewards: 5,250 coins and 105 XP

Lifting the Shroud
  • Have 7 Flasks
  • Buy 4 Troughs
  • Tend 25 Animals in your Kingdom

The Flasks are earned through a general news item on your wall. You'll receive 3,250 coins and 65 XP for finishing this quest.

Two Extremes
  • Have a Storage Cellar at Level 3 or Higher
  • Tend 15 Royal Buildings
  • Craft 5 Wood Planks

The Storage Cellar can be upgraded by collecting items like Wood Planks and Stone Blocks. You'll receive 4,250 coins and 85 XP when you finish this quest.

The Calm Before the Storm
  • Craft 3 Bags of Nails
  • Have 10 Glass
  • Have 8 Old Socks

The Old Socks are earned by posting a general news item on your wall for your friends to help you out. You'll receive 5,250 coins and 105 XP for completing this quest.

Weathering the Storm
  • Have 20 Stone Blocks
  • Craft 4 Mortar
  • Water 7 Saplings



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