CastleVille Quest Guide: Brew The Brew

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Restore the potions Brewery and master the art of Mixing Potions! you'll be able to partner with friends and feed these Cubs to help them grow, all while completing eight quests along the way. Here with a guide to finishing these eight "Brew The Bres" quests in CastleVille.

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CastleVille Brew The Brew Quest

Quest 1: Push It Back

  • Explore Gloomed Area
  • Tend 5 Flowers

Quest 2: Eight - Legged Freaks

CastleVille Brew The Brew Quest

  • Have 3 cans of Citrus Spray. (Post to Friends)
  • Craft 1 Unravelers to clear the Spider Webs. (Studio)
  • Clear 1 Spider Weaves.

Quest 3: What's left Behind

CastleVille Brew The Brew Quest

  • Craft 1 Unraveler.
  • Collect 5 times from Houses.
  • Have 1 rolls of Raw Silk

Quest 4: The Potion Master

CastleVille Brew The Brew Quest

  • Clear the Spider Weaves off the Potions Brewery.
  • Collect 3 times from the Potions Brewery to stock up potions.
  • Cast the Crafting Bounty Spell 2 times to prove your new skill.

Quest 5: Hark! Who Goes There?

CastleVille Brew The Brew Quest

  • Craft 3 Unravelers.
  • Place 2 Torches from the Market to be able to see better.
  • Craft 3 Mystic Monacles to spot the hidden Hazel.

Quest 6: By The Twindding Of My Thumbs

CastleVille Brew The Brew Quest

  • Cast the Crafting Bounty Spell 4 Times.
  • Craft 5 Animal Crackers.
  • Craft 6 Unravelers.

Quest 7: Sticky Silk

CastleVille Brew The Brew Quest

  • Craft 8 Unravelers.
  • Clear 2 Spider Weaves.
  • Craft 4 Popcorn Balls.

Quest 8: Only The Wisest Know

CastleVille Brew The Brew Quest

  • Craft 10 Unravelers.
  • Cast the Crating Bounty Spell 4 Times.
  • Help Hazel craft 1 Apology Letter.

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