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There are 4 different building types available:

  •    Royal: Increase nobility, expand the kingdom and collect those taxes!
  •    Crafting: Use materials to craft useful items.
  •    Resource: Produce resource goods (wood, stone, ore).
  •    House: Generate taxes, reward coins.

Building Creation

To construct a new building click on the Market Button:


Then click on the Buildings Icon at the Top:


Buildings are all listed under the "All" Tab, but can be broken down into categories such as Crafting and Resources by clicking on their respective tab.

What do Houses do for my Kingdom?


Coins can be collected from Houses at regular intervals when Taxes are due. The higher your Level, the better the Houses you can place in your Kingdom. Houses placed on Courtyard offer a bonus upon collection of Taxes.

What do Resource Buildings do?

Gather resources needed to help construct buildings or complete Quests. The time in between collections can be reduced if placed close to the resource it produces (e.g. trees and stones).

What do Crafting Buildings do?


Turn multiples of one item or multiple different items into something new.

There are three categories of Crafting: Forging, Cooking, and Artistry. Each type has a Crafting Building that corresponds with its type (e.g. the Workshop enables Forging).

There is also a secondary type of Crafting Buildings which unlock additional recipes as well as produce items necessary for certain recipes. An example is the Blacksmith.

How do Royal Buildings Work?


Royal Buildings not only generate coins, but also increase your Castle Level upon completion. Many Royal Buildings require Crew Members to reach completion. This can be done by inviting your Neighbors or hiring the Duke to join your Crew. Like Houses, any Royal Building on Courtyard will receive bonus Coins upon collecting Taxes.

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