CastleVille Tips: Interactions Between Characters and Items

Date: Feb 01 2012 03:16:51 Source: CE Gamers
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In CastleVille there are some special things will happen. Do as the tip bellow, you will find they are so interesting!

By Kenda From CE Gamers

Another interesting feature of our game... if you place certain objects near characters houses, they react differently.

CastleVille Yvette

  • If you put the maypole near Yvette's house, she will often sing and birdies will fly from the top of it
  • Put daisies next to Yvette's house and she smells them and plays "he loves me, he loves me not"

CastleVille Alastair

  • If you put the Castle Topairy or Wildflowers near Alastair's house, he will cast a spell and butterfiles will fly from the center of it .
  • Place the "blue potion" cauldron near Alastair's house and he will speak a spell.

CastleVille Sonja

  • Do you know Sonja will Throw Kisses to Rafael If she is infront of Rafel's House
  • With a campfire next to Sonja's House, she heats up her sword and tosses it.

CastleVille Rafael

  • Place different rocks by Rafael’s house and see how he reacts to them... I read on the forums that something interesting happens with a certain type of rock... Don't remember which rock, and the poster left the results out on purpose.
  • Place Raphael near the lumber Mill and pine trees to see him chop wood and throw logs in the air.

CastleVille Isadora

  • Place a crystal ball next to Isadora's Wagon and she waves her hands over it, Or place her wagon near the Jeweler or Taylor to see her do something different.

CastleVille Skippy

  • It has been mentioned that placing Skippy the pet rock near rocks and water will produce more accidents.

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