CastleVille Quest Guide: Christmas Tree

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A new series of Christmas themed missions has been released in CastleVille, the CastleVille Christmas Tree missions are here and I guess that by the name of this new series, it's pretty obvious what they're all about.I am here to share with you all the details about the Christmas Tree missions, so read on this guide below to get them done in no time!

By Brandy Shaul on

Sprucing Up

  • Place the Humble Yulefest Tree from your Inventory
  • Have 2 Festive Wreath Lamps in your Kingdom
  • Have 5 Piles of Snow in your Kingdom

If you participated in the Kris Kringle quests, you should already have one Festive Wreath Lamp. The other can be purchased for 2,000 coins. Likewise, the Piles of Snow cost 2,000 coins each as well, for a grand total of 12,000 invested to finish this quest. After you do finish the quest, you'll receive a free Sled in your inventory.

Gift - A - Pult
  • Place the Gift - A - Pult foundation from your inventory
  • Plant 2 Pine Tree Saplings
  • Water Pine Tree Saplings 10 Times

A single Pine Tree Sapling costs 400 coins in the store. They're ready to water just as soon as you plant them, so this one can be finished incredibly quickly. You'll receive 500 coins and 10 XP for doing so.

Give 'Em Bell
  • Banish 3 Beasties
  • Have 2 Silver Bells

At this point, Gloom Goblins will appear near the base of your Gift - A - Pult and you'll need to banish them to move on. You can ask your friends for the Silver Bells, if you don't already have them on hand. You'll earn another 500 coins and 10 XP for completing this quest.

  • Finish building the Gift - A - Pult
  • Have a Trinket Gift

The Trinket Gift is the smallest of the five kinds of gifts that your friends can send. Of course, you'll need to have finished a Gift - A - Pult in your Kingdom before you can return the favor, so you'll need to collect 10 Wood Logs, 10 Stones, 5 Ropes and 3 Blueprints to finish its construction. Logs and stones of course come from tending Trees or Rocks in your kingdom, while Ropes and Blueprints can be sent by friends. You can also craft Ropes in Workshops using five Flax each and Blueprints will also appear at random when fishing. Once you finish this quest, you'll receive 500 coins, 10 XP and a Snowman decoration for your Kingdom.

CastleVille Quest Guide: Christmas Tree

Write Stuff

  • Have 20 Berries
  • Have 2 Cow Hides

Berries are earned from tending plants in your kingdom (mushrooms, for instance). Cow Hides, meanwhile, come from tending adult cows.

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