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There are many items that can only be created through Crafting. With Crafting, you can turn multiples of a single item or a few different items into something new! There are three types of Crafting: Forging, Cooking, and Artistry. To be able to access a specific type of crafting, you must first construct the corresponding Crafting Building (e.g. Workshop for Forging).

To access the Crafting Interface, you will need to click on a Workshop, Kitchen, or Studio:


Once on the Crafting Menu, you will be able to select which type of Crafting you are looking to do. Scroll down and check out the list of items that can be crafted. Items able to be crafted will be indicated with a green "Make" button:


While the item is being crafted, you can check on how much time remains by hovering over the building you are crafting from:


Once your item is ready, simply click on the building it was crafted from and it will become collectable on the game board.

Crafting FAQ:

Can I craft more than one of the same type at one time?

Yes! You can craft a single item in each of your Workshops, Kitchens, and Studios at one time, but eventually you may build multiples of each Craft Building.

What do the other Crafting Buildings do?

The other Crafting Buildings (e.g. Quarry) not only produce items usable for crafting, but also unlock new crafting recipes.

Is there a way for me to speed up the Crafting process?

Yes there are a few. Once an item has begun being crafted, you can click on the corresponding Crafting Building and will be prompted with an option to purchase instant crafting. Also, activating a Hyper Craft available at the Market will enable you to instantly complete any item actively being crafted by clicking on the corresponding Crafting Building. Also, crafting an item on Courtyard will reduce the time required for your item to be complete.


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