CastleVille Guide: How to Get Crowns

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Need upgrades? Want to advance ahead of others? or simply make your CastleVille kingdom look good? learning how to get crowns in CastleVille is what your looking for here...

What are CastleVille Crowns?

CastleVille Crowns is a special currency that has many special purposes. Although acquiring them is not an easy task, they are easily available for any player who wish to buy them using real cash.

Purposes of Crowns:

  • Can be used to purchase special novelty items such as, characters'clothes, decorations etc, found on the market
  • Can be used to instantly skip quest pre-requisites
  • Enables to instantly rush farms
  • Speed up rent collection on structures, mining, blacksmith and lumber production
  • Instantly finish crafting of parts or items, cooking
  • Buy crafting parts instantly
  • Hire people to staff your royal buildings
  • Unlock advanced buildings, decorations, farm seeds, etc
  • Purchase energy potions

How to Get CastleVille Crowns?

At start of the game, you are provided a certain amount of free crowns to use. After that, acquiring CastleVille Crowns will not be such an easy task. Let's look at the ways:

1. Leveling Up

CastleVille Get Crowns Guide

  • Leveling up not only unlocks more structures or things to do within the game. It is a good source of rewards such as coins, experience and CastleVille Crowns.
  • You will gain 1 CastleVille Crown for each level up your character makes.

2. Purchasing CastleVille Crowns

  • With the use of real cash on different payment options, you can convert it into in-game crowns.

3. Earning Free Crowns

  • Right on top of the game interface, an "Earn Crowns" tab can be located.
  • Participating sponsors will provide free CastleVille crowns for your character upon fulfillment of its requirements.

4. Use of Zynga Cards

  • Buying a prepaid Zynga card and redeeming on the "Game Card" tab right above the game interface, will convert it into CastleVille Crowns
  • The different denominations on game cards will reflect on how much you will earn CastleVille crowns.

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