CastleVille Quest Guide: Deep of the Night

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CastleVille Easter And Spring

In these missons you have to take care of Tom. After burning by the dragon, he must be treated for a long time!

By Maria Cruz From CastleVille Quests Help

In the deep of the night Tom had a meeting with the dragon and things didn't go smoothy. In these missions you start to make sure Tom is well treated from his burned butt and help him to get in shape for future fighting. Does Alastair knows something about Dragons? Have the neighbors seen this Dark Dragon? Meanwhile, just feed Tom. He will be happy!

CastleVille Deep of The Night

Be aware that since the missions are still unreleased, both the sequence of tasks and the numbers can be slightly different!

Mission 1. Knight Flying

  • Get x pots of balsam, for Tom (Ask Friends)
  • Collect taxes x times
  • Cut x trees

Mission 2. Do Not Panic

  • Collect taxes 1 time at Alastair's house
  • Visit x neighboring kingdoms
  • Getting x grapes to Tom

Mission 3. A though Brave Knight

  • Collect taxes from x houses in your kingdom
  • Feed x animals in your kingdom
  • Prepare x tomato bisque soup

Mission 4. Shaking Knight

  • Obtain x armor chain links to repair Tom
  • Craft x supper-clobbers
  • Chasing x creatures to help Tom

Mission 5. The Charms of the Kingdom

  • Prepare x plates of spaghetti for Tom
  • Get x milk bottles
  • Harvest x Flax

Mission 6. Knight visiting

  • Feed x sheep in the neighboring kingdoms
  • Prepare x buns
  • Crafting x ropes

Mission 7. A New Resident

  • Collect taxes x times from royal buildings
  • Take care of x Flowers
  • Feed x animals

Note: The other 2 missions are still not available.

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