CastleVille Quest Guide: Fall Festivities!

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Find out about the Fall Fiesta and why the Fairies are so excited! Here with a guide to finish these eight "Fall Festivities!" quests in CastleVille.

CastleVille Quest Guide: Fall Festivities!

Quest 1 of 5: Where's The party Tonight?

CastleVille Quest Guide: Fall Festivities!

  • Tend 5 Grass to look for party tents, maybe they're all fairy sizes?
  • Have 4 Pails of Water for the flowers, they look neglected.
  • Tax 5 Houses in your Kingdom to ask for the party. Where IS everyone?

Quest 2 of 5: So Close, Yet So Far!

CastleVille Quest Guide: Fall Festivities!

  •  Place the base of the Stairway to the Skies, in your Kingdom.
  • Have 2 Rasps. Never hurts to have a few.
  • Craft 2 Grind Stones. 

Quest 3 of 5: Wind Beneath My Wings

CastleVille Quest Guide: Fall Festivities!

  • Craft 1 Granite Sheet. We need it to build the Stairway!
  • Upgrade the Stairway to the Skies once.
  • Buy 4 Fences to place around the Fiesta.

Quest 4 of 5: Romantic Getaway

  • Craft 1 Shiny White Robe for Gelsy, she likes new clothes!
  • Craft 3 Fairy Cakes for Gelsy to sink her teeth into!
  • Tend 4 Flowers to give Gelsy, look at that divine face!

Quest 5 of 5: Falling Stars

CastleVille Quest Guide: Fall Festivities!

  • Finish the Stairway to the Skies - the Stars are beginning to fall!
  • Craft 4 Cakes, Gelsy wants some.
  • Collect from the Stairway once to make sure it will work.

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