CastleVille Quest Guide: Faugrimm's Vacation

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Vacation time and for Faugrimm also. For you it will be a great opportunity to explore more the gloom. This quest line will open 3 new gloom areas for you to explore. These new areas will next the expansion where it was the Dragon Cave. Check the sneak peek for these 11 missions of Faugrimm's Vacation.

CastleVille Faugrimm's Vacation Quest

Mission 1 of 11 – Mirror, Mirror

  • Place the Magic Mirror's base in your Kingdom. (From your inventory)
  • Build the Magic Mirror. (Gather the required Materials: 2 Aquamarines, 2 Silver Ore)
  • Once the Mirror is completed, activate it. (Click on it)

Mission 2 of 11 – Look Closer

  • Explore close to Mount Gloom to place the Magic Mirror a little closer.
  • Collect 5 fresh Pails of Water to wash the Magic Mirror.
  • Once you have the required items, activate the Magic Mirror once more.

Mission 3 of 11 – Gloom, Interrupted

  • Have 3 Rubber Gloves, that slime looks awfully sticky. (Ask Friends)
  • Add to your exploration funds by taxing 6 Buildings in your Kingdom. (Click on houses and Royal buildings)
  • Explore to this Mount Gloom to see the damage up-close.

Mission 4 of 11 – Resolve to Dissolve

  • Craft 3 Slime Dissolvers to start cleaning up this mess. (Craft > Kitchen)
  • Free Glumwort with some Slime Dissolvers. He might offer something for us freeing him.
  • Cleanse 2 Slimed items.

Mission 5 of 11 – Slime Time

  • Have 6 Baking Soda, this with some Slime Dissolver can clean anything. (Ask Friends)
  • Cleanse Mount Gloom of slime. (Use crafted Slime dissolvers. They are crafted in the kitchen.)
  • Visit 6 Neighbors to warn them of Mount Gloom.

Mission 6 of 11 – Secrets in the Gloom

  • Explore further into Gloom.
  • Banish any Beasties you find. 3 should be enough.
  • Cleanse the Salt Mine, it could help us with this slime. (Use crafted Slime dissolvers. They are crafted in the kitchen.)

Mission 7 of 11 – One More Slime

  • Use 1 Vegetable Cocktail, for an energy boost for this cleanup work. (Craft > Kitchen, then use it from the inventory)
  • Craft 1 Xtra Strong Cleanser to scrub Mount Gloom. (Studio)
  • Cleanse a layer off of Mount Gloom. (Use the crafted Xtra Strong Cleanser > Studio)

Mission 8 of 11 – Volcano No More

  • Have 7 Walks on the Beach, Sonja's Favorite Drink. It can melt ANYTHING. (Ask Friends)
  • Fish 12 times, we will need some sand soon.
  • Cleanse the last layer off of Mount Gloom.

Mission 9 of 11 – Tower of Gloom

  • Craft 8 Ropes to hold everything together. (Craft > Workshop)
  • Have 6 Wood Planks to build a scaffolding. (Craft > Workshop)
  • Rebuild the Tower of Gloom. (Materials: 3 Gloom Elixir, 10 Gold Brick, 5 Mortar, 5 Iron Bar.)

Mission 10 of 11 – Why So Glum

  • Harvest 20 crops to help heal the land from from this slime.
  • Visit 6 Neighbors tell them how to thwart Faugrimm's Mount Gloom plans.
  • Free Glumwort with some Slime Dissolvers. (Craft > Kitchen, enough Slime Dissolvers)

Mission 11 of 11 – Two Too Many

  • Have 9 Frog Kisses, these are guaranteed wart free. (Ask Friends)
  • Craft 1 Wart Remover to rid the world the evil Gloomwart. (Craft > Workshop)
  • Free Glumwort from his evil doppleganger Gloomwart. (Use crafted Wart Removers)



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