Tips and Tricks for Castleville Beginners

Date: Dec 08 2011 10:04:13 Source: Castleville Guide and Tips
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Look here! Tips and tricks for Castleville beginners, click in to see if they suit you! Hope you can develop your castle fast according the tips.

By Jacob B From Castleville Guide and Tips

Want to build a boss kingdom like the one shown below? Just follow these great tips and you will be on your merry way! Castleville is not a hard game. It just requires a lot of perseverance and regular updates. It's only been a few weeks so you have plenty of time to catch up with the trendsetters! These tips were provided by hurleydroid in the Zynga Forums.

castleville castle

1) Add as many neighbors as you can, Neighbors can be a great source of materials (when you harvest materials in a neighbors both of you get the rewards). This is a great way to save energy and build a stockpile of wood or stones.

2) Have as many crafting building as possible. These will help a lot!

3) [SPACE] you can never have enough of it. What you do is move all your trees to as little area as is possible as well as your rocks. Don't forget to move your harvesting buildings close by for the bonus.

4) Bonus! Irrigation,Courtyard, Trees and rocks.
-Make sure to place your items in the bonus area.
-Buildings on courtyard get 15 more coins when harvested.
-You can get up to 20% faster crop yield if your plots are between two sets of water.
-Harvesters (tree and rock) can get a 50% bonus.

5) Let your friends do it! Forexample you can let your friends feed animals for you, the same goes for buildings and materials. Don't be afraid to ask someone to help you out.

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