CastleVille Free Items 148 Energy Links (1480 Energy)

Date: Jan 05 2012 02:00:12 Source: Facebook Games Guide
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Below are 148 free energy links (1480 Energy). If you face item collection limit please try again later. Every award items is have limiter and quantity, time to warm up your finger and mouse now,come on!

Note: We will keep updating everyday!

Note: When you face:

  • Sorry, all rewards have been claimed
  • Whoa, friend! You've reached the collection limit for now. Try again later.

Still Clicking all these links then check your inventory, someone leave a comment that: after clicking links there is no items  added to the inventory. But after next 10 minutes when you refresh CastleVille some items added to the inventory. Good Luck.

By XHAPIRE From Facebook Games Guide

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61 to 90

91 to 120

121 to 148


CastleVille Free Items 151 Links Energy (1510 Energy) >> 

CastleVille Free Items 640 Gold Bricks >>

CastleVille Free Items 1200 Gold Bricks + 80 Bonus >>

CastleVille Free Items 26 Crystal Shards Links >> 

CastleVille Free Items 25 Energy Links (250 Energy) >> 

CastleVille Free Itmes 23 Crystal Shards Links >> 

CastleVille Free Items 52 Energy (520 Energy) >> 

CastleVille Free Items 44 Iron Picks Links >> 

CastleVille Free Items 38 Energy Links (380 Energy) >> 

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