CastleVille Quest Guide: Gremlins

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Alistair has discovered the Keystone of the Gremlins in your Kingdom in CastleVille, but these poor Gremlins are trapped in an awful state by the Gloom. This Gremlin Village is located on the outskirts of your Kingdom and can be accessed via an eight part quest series that's now available to complete in your game. Here with a guide on finishing this Gremlin-filled event, check it below.

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CastleVille Gremlins Quest

A Key Discovery

CastleVille Gremlins Quest

  • Feed 1 Animal
  • Tend 1 Flower
  • Reward: 2500 Coins, 50 XP

Gremlins Gone Wild

CastleVille Gremlins Quest

  • Have 3 Blue Moss
  • Stun 2 Gremlins
  • Cast 2 Break Curse Spells on 2 Gremlins
  • Reward: 2500 Coins, 50 XP

Running Gremlins Gather No Moss

CastleVille Gremlins Quest

  • Have 5 Acorns
  • Cast 3 Break Curse Spells
  • Craft 2 Loot Bags
  • Reward: 2500 Coins, 50 XP

We Shall Fight Them in The Village

CastleVille Gremlins Quest

  • Cast 1 Banishus Maximus
  • Cast 4 Break Curse Spells
  • Spend 15 Charmstones in the Charmstone Market
  • Reward: 2500 Coins, 50 XP

The Keystone to Safety!

CastleVille Gremlins Quest

  • Repair the Gremlin Keystone
  • Craft 2 Wood Gremlin Faces
  • Cast 2 Spells
  • Reward: 2500 Coins, 50 XP

Charming the Stones Off Them

CastleVille Gremlins Quest

  • Have 7 Gold Oak Leaves
  • Cast 6 Break Curse Spells
  • Unlock 1 Moss-Covered Treasure Chest
  • Reward: 2500 Coins, 50 XP

The Gremlin Guru

CastleVille Gremlins Quest

  • Cast 7 Break Curse Spells
  • Cast the Unicorn's Gift Spell
  • Spend 45 Charmstones in the Charmstone Market
  • Reward: 2500 Coins, 50 XP

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