CastleVille Guide: Gift-A-Pult & Yulefest Tree

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Check out the information below on the Gift-A-Pult and Yulefest Tree features! It will show you CastleVille Gift-A-Pult & Yulefest Tree guide & FAQ.

CastleVille Gift-A-Pult

CastleVille Gift-A-Pult

Help Kris Kringle deliver his gifts using the Gift-A-Pult! The Gift-A-Pult lets you send gifts to friends, and in turn they can launch some to your as well.

Also, you'll be able to place all your gifts under your new Yulefest Tree - the more you receive the larger your tree will become (presents are like Fertilizer for Yulefest Trees).

How it works

After placing your Yulefest Tree and constructing the Gift-A-Pult, you'll be able to send and receive gifts! On the 25th of December you'll be able to open your gifts and see all the awesome things you received!

CastleVille Yulefest Tree

Once you receive enough of one gift, you'll unlock the next one and be able to send that one to your neighbors. (You may purchase gifts for yourself at any time by with Crowns.) Once you've unlocked the next gift, your Yulefest Tree will also upgrade!

CastleVille Yulefest Tree

View your gifts by clicking on your Yulefest Tree.

CastleVille Yulefest Tree

The Gift-A-Pult

CastleVille Gift-A-Pult

Launch the gifts that you've unlocked to your neighbors by using the Gift-A-Pult. The more gifts you receive, the more you'll unlock and be able to send to your friends, but don't worry, you won't lose any of your gifts by sending any to your neighbors.

You can access the presents to send by clicking on the Gift-A-Pult.

CastleVille Guide: Gift-A-Pult & Yulefest Tree

In the Gift-A-Pult window, you can send gifts by clicking on the "Send Gifts" button below each unlocked gift. Once you've launched some gifts, a cool-down timer will appear before you may send more of that particular gift. (You can still send another unlocked gift if you haven't already done so within the time period for it.)

CastleVille Guide: Gift-A-Pult & Yulefest Tree

To see what items you might receive from each gift, just hover the mouse over them to see the description.

CastleVille Guide: Gift-A-Pult & Yulefest Tree

How Do You Know What You'll Receive from Each Gift?

  • If you hover your mouse over each gift under the Yulefest Tree tab you'll see that you have a chance to receive various items for each gift. (Don't shake your presents!)

CastleVille Guide: Gift-A-Pult & Yulefest Tree

Will You Lose Your Gifts by Sending Some to Friends?

  • Nope! It's magic, just like gifts you made in the Gift Shoppe.

You Have All the Previous Gifts Required for the Next Gift, But Your Tree Has Not Grown, Why?

  • It may take a short while for your tree to grow after receiving the required gifts. Switching between tabs or refreshing may help clear this up.

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