CastleVille Quest Guide: Giovanni and Studio Mastery (Coming Soon)

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CastleVille Easter And Spring

In CastleVille there's a new character will come to our kingdoms. Of course, he will bring a series of mission. Let us know it in advance!

By Maria Cruz From CastleVille Quests Help

Soon, another new character is coming into our kingdom: Giovanni, a renaissance man. He also brings a new mastery levels, this time it will be the Studio.

CastleVille Giovanni and Studio Mastery

Be aware that since the missions are still unrealeased, both the sequence of tasks and the numbers can be slightly different!

Mission 1

  • Place the Thumper as a destination for foreigners
  • Move x Objects
  • Visit x Neighbors

Mission 2

  • Click to activate the thumper
  • Help the traveller
  • Banish x attracted beasties

CastleVille Giovanni

Mission 3

  • Move the foundation of Giovanni's House
  • Own a Studio
  • Have x Baked Fish & Custards

Mission 4

  • Build The house of Giovanni
  • Craft x Parchments
  • Buy a Blower

Mission 5

  • Craft x more Parchments
  • Use Turbo to accelerate work tools
  • Water x Scrubs in your kingdom

Mission 6

  • Ask for x Music Sheets
  • Craft enough Parchments to reach level 1
  • Fish once in your kingdom

CastleVille Giovanni

Mission 7

  • Clobber x Gloom Thieves
  • Collect taxes from x houses in your kingdom
  • Collect x Wood Logs

Mission 8

  • Ask for x Thick books
  • Spend x Coins
  • Build the blower to unlock a new technique

Mission 9

  • Use x Absinthe Elixirs
  • Take Care of x Studios in your neighbors
  • Craft x plates of Spaghetti

Mission 10

  • Reach Level 1 in a Studio Item
  • Build a new studio
  • Spend x Reputation Points



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