CastleVille Quest Guide: Good Times

Date: Jan 30 2012 05:42:04 Source: PinoyTechnologies
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In CastleVille now we must help Rafael again! Let us look over the guide to know more about the quest - Good Times.

By Jan Mitz Olivier From PinoyTechnologies

A guide for Castleville, Rafael's Quest: Good Times

Castleville Rafael


  • Too Sexy
  • A Decent Proposal
  • Not in my Kingdom
  • Mightiest of Trees
  • Gobblin' Goblin

Too Sexy

Castleville Oil

  • Have 2 flaxseed oil
  • Flaxseed oil can be crafted from kitchen, 2 flax are needed for 1 flaxseed oil

Castleville Sand

  • Have 3 piles of sand
  • Fish your pond or your neighbor's

Castleville Coin

  • Collect coins 5 times from neighboring kingdom houses


  • 1000 coins
  • 20 experience points

A Decent Proposal

CastleVille Letter

  • Have 3 love letters
  • Post in your Facebook feed, for friends to help

CastleVille Diamond

  • Have 1 diamond
  • You can find them in mining rocks or mining camps

CastleVille Grape

  • Have 20 grapes


  • 1000 coins
  • 20 experience points

Not in my Kingdom

CastleVille Water

  • Have 10 pails of water
  • Fish on your pond or neighbor's

CastleVille Wolf

  • Have 15 gloom wolf
  • You can acquire them after banishing gloom wolves

CastleVille ItemCastleVille Item

  • Buy 2 new clothing items
  • Clothing can be bought at market under the Clothing tab


  • 1500 coins
  • 30 experience points

Mightiest of Trees

CastleVille Room

  • Collect from logging camps 5 times

CastleVille Chop

  • Use 1 super chop and chop a mighty tree or any tree
  • Super chop can be bought from market at Consumables tab

  • Clear 10 tree stumps
  • Last piece when you cut down a tree


  • 1500 coins
  • 30 experience points

Gobblin' Goblin

CastleVille Goblin

  • Have 1 gloom goblin in your kingdom, you can banish him later
  • You can acquire a gloom goblin from the market under the Consumables tab or craft

CastleVille Crop

  • Unwither 1 crop in 2 different neighbor's kingdoms

CastleVille Button

  • Craft 1 button
  • Button can be crafted in the Studio and requires 6 animal bones for 1 button


  • 1500 coins
  • 30 experience points
  • 1 Gnome statue

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