CastleVille Guide: How to Expand Fast

Date: Dec 05 2011 08:21:26 Source: Gamelytic
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When you first start playing CastleVille, your Kingdom is very small and while you'll have ample space and resources to get started, you'll soon discover that you'll need to grow your kingdom quickly. This guide will teach you exactly what you need to know to expand fast.

By Gamelytic on gamelytic

1. Obtaining the Expansion Crystal Shards

There are a couple of ways that you can obtain the expansion crystal. I will go over all the ways possible right now. You first and uttermost important task is to get as many expansion. The expansion crystal shard is mostly acquired through social means within the game. Below details all of the ways that you can get the Castleville Expansion crystal shards to progress through the gloom areas.

CastleVille Crysta


Some missions (especially in the beginning) will grant you expansion crystals that you can use to expand early in game as a part of the quest chain.

Social Interactions for Crystal Shards

Visiting your friend's kingdom is great both for your profit and for getting expansion crystals. When you complete your 5 actions in day and your actions have been accepted by your friend. The dismiss and gift button will pop up after you complete. The gift button is in fact giving you a crystal shard. So when you are playing, do not forget to accept people's social actions and gift them with the needed expansion crystals.

Kill Beasties

Expansion Crystal Shards are a random loot dropped by Beasties.

Posting Feed

When you click into the gloom area that you have enough Casle Points for, you can either expand if you meet all of the requirement. You can also post a expansion crystal shard request feed onto your wall if you do not have enough crystals. Post it often to let your friends know that you can give you the feed. There is however a limit on how often you can post to the wall, so be sure to always hit that limit.

Finding Other Player's Feed

Searching through your friend's wall post for expansion crystal feeds, click on them to receive a expansion crystal shard for yourself and them. This is another quick and instant way to obtain the expansion crystals.

2. Build Craftshop to Combine Shards into Expansion Crystals

The crystal shards cannot be used directly to expand into the gloom area. You will need to first combine them using the craftshop. It takes 1.5 hours to make one expansion crystal. However, you can speed up the process using 1 crown. If you play often and wish to expand fast in game, it is good practice to build 3 craftshops as soon as your coins permit. With more craftshops in place, you can complete building materials faster, and expand into the gloomed areas faster.

CastleVille Craftshop

3. Castle Points

Every gloomed area requires castle points to be unlocked. The best castle points by size are the royal buildings which requires your friends to be a part of. Because there is a daily limit on how many working feeds that you can send, you should always have a royal building that is building and hiring. The more royal buildings that you have, the easier time that you will have to achieve the required Castle Points

4. Coins Necessary for Expansion

Different areas require different amount of coins to expand into. The higher level gloomed areas require even more coins to expand. Try to keep a healthy stash of coins to always be able to expand into the new area when it becomes available.

5. Quests that Unlock Gloomed Areas

In some cases for gloomed area that contain a NPC. The black shadowy figure, you will unlock some quests that can let you explore the gloomed area. So try to play through all the in game quests so that you will be able to unlock the area.

Unlock Gloomed Areas

6. Not all Gloomed Areas are Equal

Pay close attention to the required castle points level for each expansion. Start with the lower level ones first because they require less coins as well as expansion crystals to expand into. Save your coins at early stage in game is important to build your other items.

7. Conclusion

As a side note, at later gloom areas, every area that you expand into always comes with some gloom beasts inside the newly area. So you would still need to clear these gloom monsters out before you can use the land. Note that these new beasts can still occur over your Castleville Beasties limit.

Because expansion crystal shards are mainly obtained via the Social interactions. It is advised for you to obtain as many neighbors and friends as early as possible in game. Save your coins and energies that can generate you more coins is also important. Plant and harvest greater growing crops for the best income possible. Build your craftshops to the max level of 3 craftshops early to get the expansion crystals faster. Good luck expanding in castleville!

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