Castleville Guide: How to Get Blue Feather for the Dye Kit

Date: Nov 30 2011 05:53:17 Source: CastleVille Quests Links
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From: CastleVille Quests Links


Blue feather is the item material used to make dye kit, which is one of the requirement to construct a tailor and also used in many quests and crafting items like flag, large banner, etc... If you still don't know or not sure where to get blue feather in Castleville, maybe the quick post guide here can help you.

There are currently 2 ways to get blue feather in castleville, and both are not easy and will really test your patience and luck. Use the first way if you're in a quick need of 1 blue feather... and use the second way if you have more time to spare. Anyway, here they are:

Super Chop


When you use super chop to chop down a tree, there is a small chance that you will get red feather and blue feather, not sure why though... you can craft the super chop from workshop, but the requirement are not easy and also a huge time eater.


Instead, you can buy the super chop from the market in the consumables tab, it costs 20 reputation points, which you can get from doing action in your neighbor's kingdom.


Adult Peacock


This is the best way to get blue feathers in large quantity. However, to grow adult peacocks from baby peacocks requires about 6 days and actively feeding them. You need to feed them 24 times and wait 6 hours per feed... yeah, very time consuming.

Hope Zynga will make the blue feather easier to get in Castleville... like to get it from feed, gift or rewards.

Tips About Dye Kit in Castleville


Tips 1: The very first time you will need a blue feather is when you want to build a tailor. To construct a tailor you will need 1 dye kit, and it will produce cotton cloth, plus allow you to make cotton cloth in studio. 5 Cotton clothes are one of the requirement to make Throne Room in Castleville, so you can increase more castle points.


If you are stuck at this point, and you don't have any lucks or anymore patience to get the blue feather to make the dye kit, then suggest you to buy the dye kit requirement for Tailor with crowns, it costs 4 crowns.


Tips 2: Since dye kit will be used as one of the item material requirements in many quests and crafting, you can have at least 5 peacocks in your kingdom, because you will not always get the blue feather when feeding the peacocks. Here are some quests that use dye as a requirement, so you can be prepared:


  • Yvette Hairy Tale Quest (Lovelorn Quest 4 of 14)-Have 3 Dye Kits so Yvette's roots aren't showing
  • Yvette Color Girl Quest (Lovelorn Quest 11 of 14)-Have 2 Dye Kits so Yvette can make everything colorful
  • Izadora Scandalous Quest (Party Girl: Quest 9 of 10)-Craft 1 Dye Kit to recolor Izzy's hair
  • Izadora Model Citizen Quest (The Diva: Quest 5 of 11)-Have 2 Dye Kits to make your tunic look FABULOUS


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