CastleVille Guide: How to Get Coins

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Acquiring more CastleVille Gold Coins is an essential element to be mastered within the game. The basics on how to get coins in CastleVille will serve as a stepping stone in keeping your treasury plentiful.

What are coins for?

CastleVille Coins Guide

Castleville coins are the primary source of currency within the game, it can be located on the top left corner of your screen.

Coins can either be used on the following:

  • Purchase items, structures, decorations on the market
  • Purchase land expansions
  • Purchase various seeds to plant on your farm plots
  • Purchase clothes for your character
  • Used to complete some quests

How to get Coins?

1.Collecting Rent from Buildings

CastleVille Coins Guide

  • Collecting rent from buildings is the most lucrative way to increase your treasury coffers.
  • The basic cottage (Found under homes tab) can bought at the market
  • You can collect rent income of 150 coins on a single cottage every 5 minutes

2.Harvesting your Crops

CastleVille Coins Guide

  • Harvesting crops is a great way to warn income while you are away from the game
  • Crops vary from harvesting time

3.Feeding your Animals

CastleVille Coins Guide

  • Gain a little income from feeding your pets
  • Mature animals give certain bonuses such as items

4.Completing Quests

CastleVille Coins Guide

  • Completing Quests will reward you will coins and experience points

5.Helping your Neighbors

  • Earn CastleVille coins by helping your neighbors in certain tasks

6.Clicking on your CastleVille Facebook News Feeds

  • Certain news feeds about CastleVille rewards you with coins or items

7.Selling your Items on your Inventory

  • Although not recommended, you can still gain coins by selling your crafting parts or items found on your inventory



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