CastleVille Guide: How to Get Reputation Points

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Have you ever wondered what those CastleVille hearts are for? For what and How to get CastleVille Reputation Points? Well, look no further! As we share to you our basic CastleVille Reputation Guide.


What are CastleVille Reputation Points?

CastleVille Points

CastleVille Hearts or Reputation Points are basically rewards that have different types of  uses within the game.

CastleVille Reputations Points Uses:

CastleVille Points

  • Purchasing Special items in the Market
  • Items can be in the form of Decorations, Clothing for your character or Consumable items.
  • Used as a crafting ingredient. Different materials are needed in the game, completing materials can sometimes involve multiple crafted parts or components

How to get CastleVille Reputation Points?

Gathering CastleVille reputation points is relatively easy in the game. Here are some ways:

Visiting Your CastleVille Neighbors

  • By visiting your neighbors you gain 5/5 energy points to help them out
  • You can only visit them once every 24 hours, which the 5/5 energy to spend on their kingdom is replenished
  • Perform basic tasks like farming, tending to animals, collecting rent, foraging on flowers or plants, mining, logging, fishing, etc.
  • Each time you perform the task, there is a chance in which you will gain Reputation Points.
  • Reputation points are awarded in the form of a Heart, pick it up
  • One CastleVille Heart is equivalent to one reputation point

Facebook CastleVille News Feeds

  •  CastleVille Facebook news feeds sometimes offer a reward of reputation points
  • Simple clicking of the help or reward request will redirect you on the claim castleville reward page
  • The page notifies you that you have claimed the reward successfully
  • Claimed rewards can be found on your game inventory
  • You cannot claim rewards from the same feed twice
  • Each reward claim has its limit, this varies on different reward items
  • A message indicating that you have claimed the maximum amount of the reward means, waiting for another 24 hours


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