CastleVille Guide: Increase Level by Constructing Royal Buildings

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Want to grow your area? Want to increase your CastleVille level? Check out the one of the best ways to increase the level of your castleVille through construcing Royal Buildings.

But Building your desired Royal Buildings is not that easy because as you started, some of those building are being locked. You have to earn large amount of tax in order for those buildings to be unlocked.

Types of Royal Building in CastleVille

CaslteVille Level Guide

Increasing the number of royal buildings in your kingdom will give you more area as you progress on CastleVille.

Take note of this:

Inside the Market there is a tab intended for royal buildings which are directly connected with your castle in Castleville. Like in CityVille, all royal buildings in Castleville needs some crews and your best options to complete the crew requirement is to invite a friend to fill up your crew as most of them would be using it daily and would earn you additional castle points from their daily accumulation instead of using the duke to fill up spots for the crew as it could only rack you points on a weekly basis and you would have to be spending those crowns for The duke to fill in a spot so it would be unwise to spend them on filling up the crews. Royal buildings do not only establish your rank but they also tell how big your kingdom can be according to expansion.

CaslteVille Level Guide

There are also some decorations that can be purchased for you to use in your kingdom and ultimately add to your castle points total so you can level up faster. They are not as useful as the royal buildings are but they do give you a bit castle points and would definitely add style to your kingdom the same time as it earns you those castle points.

Types of Decorations in CastleVille

CaslteVille Level Guide

As the game progresses don't forget to build royal building as soon as you have available area to build it on. It should be noted that as you build royal buildings on castle grounds you will be able to earn great tax in return. Always try to fill up the spots for the crew in a royal building with your friends as they will help a lot in earning you points and tax and for them as well. Try to join in on your friends'crew as well as it will also give you points for doing the stuff needed in the royal building that they have built just like they do for you.

And for leveling up a royal building it would also give you a prize most of the time that's why it's the most important structure for the game as the structure levels up so does your castle and the ability to expand in Castleville. The crew selection is as important as the royal building that has been built be sure that when you recruit friends for your crew that they will at least continue to help you with your tends so you would gain more castle points faster. As you progress more with the game and build more royal buildings and decorations you will soon see that castle leveling is a lot easier through focusing on building those royal buildings in Castleville.

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