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The coins are the main way to pay for things in CastleVille. Most items in the market can be bought for a certain amount of coins. You will need coins to purchase everything in game from building, crops, to decorations.There are many easy ways to earn coins if you need to buy something expensive, some of which might be slightly obvious, and some of which you may absolutely have no idea about. Read on to learn about both. Below I will share you different ways of making coins in Castleville.

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You can earn various amounts of coins by completing quests. These quests are necessary for you to advance in game by unlocking some gloomed areas. Treat these coin gains as nice bonuses for your Kingdom.

Nature – Farming

Farming is one of the earliest ways at the beginning of the game for you to make coins. The concept of farming for coins is very similar to other online facebook games where it will be a balance between your energy usage and maturity time frame. However, there is an additional factor added in such that you can use these farmed materials to make food. The basic idea is that the longer the maturity time, the better the coins per energy ratio, however it yields the lowest coin gain per hour.

CastleVille Farm

Nature – Animals

Animal are similar to farming, however, the return of investment and energy is not great in terms of coins. Yet, the main purpose of having

CastleVille Animal

Taxable Houses NPC Houses

The NPC’s that you rescue from the gloomed areas come with a NPC house that you can collect from. These houses are also taxable houses that can count toward the majority of the quest lines.

House Available for Purchase

Houses are great way of making coins in Castleville. These houses offer continuous coin flow once they are built. They are usually available everytime you log into the game assuming that you are a casual player.

Royal Building

Royal buildings are essential for you to obtain Castle points to unlock the gloomed areas. However, they also offer you great coin gains that can be leveled up further as your neighbors tend them. However, the catch is that it takes longer to build them and their maturity time is typically longer than the other taxable houses.

CastleVille Buiding

Selling Loots

You can gain some amounts of gold by selling the items that you carry in your inventory. However, it is not a good way to get money because those other items typically have a use of their own.

Friends Visit Bonus

When you visit friends and complete the 5 actions in their kingdom, you will randomly receive some prizes. These prizes include 25 coins, energy, alchemist powder, etc.

Friends Visit Collection

You can get coins by tending to your neighbor’s houses and livestock animals. The amount of coins that you can get from neighbor’s kingdom depends on how much bonus that they receive. These coin gains are not much but is a nice addition to your coffer.

Collection Box Note

Collection boxes drop coins from 100 to 5,000. However, it is more likely for you to only get $100 the majority of the time. You can either craft them with your Castleville craft shop, or buy them with reputation points in the marketplace. It is good for you to purchase the collection boxes with the reputation points because there are not many things reputation points are used for.

Good Use of Area Planning and Boosts

You can also get maturity time boosts as well as coin boosts by placing certain map items together. This Castleville building placement guide details on how you can take advantage of it.

Best Way to Make Coins in CastleVille

The best ways to make coins are through taxable buildings because they offer great return on investment once you build them. Consider taking out lower level taxable houses in favor of the high levels ones as you progress in the game. To make coins effeciently in Castleville, you should always focus on collecting the buildings that generate the best payout. Because energy will always be a major limiting factor for your game play.

The next runner up is to plant and farm the higher level crops that are the longest maturity time. You want to make the most of your energy by collecting only the high payout items. Lastly, visit your neighbors often to collect the building materials as well as the reputation points and bonus. Use those bonus to further boost your coin gain.


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