CastleVille Guide: How To Remove Items Collection Limiter

Date: Dec 25 2011 10:27:31 Source: XHAPIRE
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If you face item limiter when collectiong item you can use this guide I believe it is a great instructinona video. If you are confused to follow the video, you can check the text description step by step.


Prepare these tools :

1. Uncle Google Chrome
2. Mr. Charles 
3. Text editor you can use notepad++ ( freeware ) or edit rocket ( shareware ).

Step by step :

1. Clear your Google Chrome Cache with CCleaner then Open your Facebook account

2. Open Charles

3. Click CastleVille

4. Enable Capture & Breakpoints in Charles

5. Make sure breakpoints enable for this address

6.  When you face many links just press Execute button until you find :

Execute this links

When you found the gameSettings.xml click the address then click Execute button ( for the first time )

7. Check on Structure Box in Charles your gameSettings.xml is starting download.


Look in Overview Box and wait until Request Size 5 MB ( gameSettings.xml filesize is 5MB )

8. After download gameSettings.xml finish breakpoints will be shown up

Click Edit Response

Click XML Text

9. Select all text in Edit Response then copy

Select all and copy all text

10. Open Text editor ( me using edit rocket ) paste to text editor


11. Find all these text in your text editor and replace  :

 type="claim" amount="10" replace with  type="claim" amount="99"
 type="claim" amount="8"  replace with  type="claim" amount="99"
 type="claim" amount="5" replace with  type="claim" amount="99"
 type="claim" amount="4" replace with  type="claim" amount="99"
 type="claim" amount="3" replace with  type="claim" amount="99"
 type="claim" amount="2" replace with  type="claim" amount="99"
 type="claim" amount="1" replace with  type="claim" amount="99"

Note : you can edit this value more than 99 ( example 999 )

12. After finish replaced then select all and copy

13. Paste it to Edit Response Box in Charles then click Execute

14. After Press Execute button you must disable Breakpoints and CastleVille will finished loading.

Breakpoints Disable

15. Done

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