CastleVille Quest Guide: Kingdom Refit Ulrich

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Your equipment kingdom needs repairs. Even the ovens in the kitchen need replacement. And what about the Party Pavilion? Oh! That one also! Who better than Ulrich to do this job? Ulrich does it well done and then, let's party! In the Pavilion, of course. Here is a sneak peek from the upcoming 10 missions Ulrich quest line.

Be aware that since the missions are still UNRELEASED, both the sequence of tasks can be slightly different! Numbers are unknown, at this moment.

Mission: 1 of 10

  • Craft an item in a Workshop to see how quickly it turns stuff out.
  • Collect from X Workshop support buildings to see how efficiently they are operating. (The Blacksmith, Quarry and Armory are all Workshop support buildings.)
  • Have X Chicken and Corn Chili to chow down on. (Craft > Kitchen)

Mission: 2 of 10

  • Craft X Hammers to replace the broken ones at the Blacksmith. (Workshop)
  • Have X Iron Pick to make sure the Quarry is supplied. (Workshop, own Blacksmith)
  • Have X Flax Oil to keep things running smoothly. (Kitchen)

Mission: 3 of 10

  • Craft X Angle Finder to test the precision of your Workshop. (Workshop, own Quarry)
  • Craft X Bags of Nails to see how fast your Workshops operate. (Workshop, own Blacksmith)
  • Have X Keys to lock up after you're done. Don't want anyone messing with stuff. (Ask friends for Keys.)

Mission: 4 of 10

  • Craft X Ovens to replace the old ones in your Kitchen. (Workshop)
  • Fire up the ovens and cook X things to test out the new ovens. (Craft > Kitchen)
  • Tend X houses to hand out all that food you just made. You couldn't possibly eat it all!

Mission: 5 of 10

  • Have X Wool to wipe up the messes in your Kitchens. (Adult Sheep)
  • Cook X Baked Potatoes to give to your friends. (Kitchen)
  • Craft Knives in the Workshop after you build a Blacksmith. (Workshop)

Mission: 6 of 10

  • Have X Wash Rags to wipe them down. The Studio windows need to be cleaned. (Ask friends)
  • Craft X new Looms to replace the shabby ones in your Studios. (Workshop)
  • Have X Saucy Tarts to feed Ulrich. (kitchen)

Mission: 7 of 10

  • Craft X Rapid Taxes.
  • Have X Cotton Cloth to make sure we can keep up with Izzy's fashion line demands. (Craft Studio, own aTailor)
  • Craft X Stained Glass Window to show Ulrich. (Craft >Studio, own a Jeweler Shoppe)

Mission: 8 of 10

  • Have X Red Feathers in case you need them for a party! (Tend adult Peacocks)
  • Craft X Vegetable Cocktails to serve any guests. (Kitchen)
  • Have X Old Socks in case you need to start a party!. (You can request Old Socks from the Party Pavilion)
  • Mission: 9 of 10
  • Craft a party to see how your Pavilion is operating.
  • Craft X Party Favors to check for quality. (Attend and host Parties to get the items to craft Party Favors.)
  • Visit X neighbors to see if they are throwing any parties!

Mission: 10 of 10

  • Have X Carrot Cake for the celebration. (kitchen)
  • Craft X Workbenches so everyone has a place to sit. (workshop)
  • Have X Pails of Water to dunk Rafael's head in if the Smoothie doesn't work. (Fish at ponds)



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