CastleVille Tips: More Kitchen Quests

Date: Feb 14 2012 03:03:47 Source: CastleVille Quests Help
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In CastleVille there will open up a series of new kitchen quests. Let us know them in detail!

By Maria From CastleVille Quests Help

Soon another set of tasks will be activated, presumably to follow the current kitchen quests - we'll show you what to do, so you're always prepared! Stay tuned for more updates! Here is a sneak peek:


Since the Missions are still unpublished, it is not possible to give precise figures - the sequence of tasks can also diverge a bit!

Mission 1

  • Cut x árvores
  • Craft x meals (kitchen items)
  • Tend X flowers

Mission 2

  • Sell x cows x
  • Take care of x flowers & stones in neighboring kingdoms
  • Ask for x wash basins

Mission 3

  • Feed x sheep on neighbors
  • Collect x Wool threads
  • Place x nature decorations

Mission 4

  • Look after x neighbors bakeries or the Duke
  • Prepare ingredients in the kitchen
  • Ask for x coil wire

Mission 5

  • Ask for x love letters
  • Collect x pails of water
  • Use clobber

Mission 6

  • Collect x Belch Ogre's
  • Collect x honey

Mission 7

  • Collect x milk bottles
  • Use x doughs
  • Use x Cupcakes

Mission 8

  • Harvest x Magic beans
  • Use x dough
  • Use x Cupcakes

Mission 9

  • Use a stone oven
  • Help in x neighboring bakeries
  • Use x tarts

Mission 10

  • Ask for x rolling pins
  • Use a fish bait
  • Use x grape juice

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