CastleVille Quest Guide: Kitchen Woes!

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The Academy is coming along fine now. But we need to find the Kitchen Wing if we want any students to sig up! Your Assignment for the the day Nobles: Find the Mage Kitchen! Here with a guide to finish these Ten "Kitchen Woes!" quests in CastleVille.

CastleVille Kitchen Woes Quest

Quest 1 of 10: What's Cooking?

CastleVille Kitchen Woes Quest

  • Explore into the Gloom to find the Mage Academy Kitchen.
  • Tend 6 Flowers.

Quest 2 of 10: Itchy and Scratchy

CastleVille Kitchen Woes Quest

  • Craft 1 Tickle Feather Talisman to tickle the Bell Peppers till they explode.
  • Collect 5 Honey.

Quest 3 of 10: Banish Them Now

CastleVille Kitchen Woes Quest

  • Feed 5 Chicken in your Kingdom. Cause it's good to be noble.
  • Craft 3 Caramel Popcorns, to throw at the Rats!
  • Banish 3 Gloom Rats for the Kingdom.

Quest 4 of 10: Best Help

CastleVille Kitchen Woes Quest

  • Craft 2 Tickle Feather Talisman.
  • Have 3 Buckets and Mops. The floow must be restored to its spick-and-span state.
  • Craft 3 Sticks of Butter.

Quest 5 of 10: Cleanliness Inspector

CastleVille Kitchen Woes Quest

  • Craft 1 Shepard's Pie to keep Duke busy.
  • Have 5 pairs of White Gloves to check on the status of dust.

Quest 6 of 10: What's Happening?

CastleVille Kitchen Woes Quest

  • Craft 3 Tickle Feather Talisman.
  • Have 3 Bars of Soap.
  • Craft 2 Sweet Buns.

Quest 7 of 10: Crossed  Wires

CastleVille Kitchen WOes Quest

  • Have 3 Cooking Pots.
  • Craft 3 Cloth Aprons.
  • Clear the Bell Peppers on the Mage Kitchen to reveal it.

Quest 8 of 10: Cruses, It's Him!

CastleVille Kitchen Woes Quest

  • Craft 7 Tickle Feather Talisman.
  • Banish 2 Gloom Wolves from the kitchen site.

Quest 9 of 10: Peace Maker

CastleVille Kitchen Woes Quest

  • Craft 5 Leather Aprons.
  • Have 6 Olive Branches as a sign of Mia and the Professor making up.
  • Craft 5 bottles of Champagne.

Quest 10 of 10: Decurdle That Kitchen

CastleVille Kitchen Woes Quest

  • Craft and Cast 1 Decurdle Spell on the Mage Kitchen.
  • Craft 1 Upside Down Cake. Or is it Downside Up?

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