CastleVille Quest Guide: Love in the Time of Gloom

Date: Jan 30 2012 06:51:45 Source: PinoyTechnologies
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In CastleVille we can help Rafael to do a series of quests named Love in the Time of Gloom. It sounds beautiful, doesn't it?

By Jan Mitz Olivier From PinoyTechnologies

A Guide for Castleville, Rafael's Quest Guide: Love in the Time of Gloom

Castleville Rafael


  • Fried Fish and Love
  • Animal Lover
  • A Helping Hand
  • Art of Love
  • Show of Strength

Fried Fish and Love

Castleville Meat

  • 5 Mystery Meat
  • Ask friends for mystery meat or grab them from news feeds

Castleville Craft

  • Use 1 Hyper Craft from your inventory
  • Hyper Craft can be crafted at the Kitchen or can be bought at the Market under Consumables tab, for reputation

Castleville Fish

  • Have 2 Fried Fish
  • Fried Fish can be crafted in the Kitchen which requires 4 basses, 4 oils and 2 flours. It will take 8 hours to be finished


  • 3250 coins
  • 65 experience points

Animal Lover

Castleville ChickenCastleville CowCastleville Sheep

  • Buy 5 animals for Yvette
  • Animals can be bought at Market under the Nature tab
  • But before that check your inventory, you may have receive some as thank you gifts

Castleville Bale

  • Have 3 Hay Bales
  • Buy Hay Bales in the market

Castleville Animal

  • Groom 1 animal in 5 different Neighbor's Kingdom
  • Visit 5 different friends and find animals that do not have yellow arrow above them


  • 3250 coins
  • 65 experience points

A Helping Hand

Castleville Oven

  • Have 2 Brick Ovens
  • Brick Ovens can be crafted in the Workshop and requires 2 stone blocks, 2 wood planks and 5 reputation

Castleville Chore

  • Help Neighbors 15 times with chores
  • Visit 3 neighbors and perform activities

Castleville Sapling

  • Water 10 saplings
  • Click on trees with yellow arrows above to water saplings


  • 3250 coins
  • 65 experience points

Art of Love

Castleville Parchment

  • Craft 1 Parchment for a portrait
  • Parchment can be crafted at the Studio and requires 4 wood logs and 46 cottons. It will take 7 minutes

Castleville Bottle

  • Have 1 Bottle of Ink for the portrait
  • Bottle of Ink can be crafted at the Studio and requires 3 berries and 3 pails of water. It will take 10 minutes

Castleville Feather

  • Have 5 feathers for quills
  • Any color will do. Collect feathers by tending peacocks, grabbing them from news feeds or asking friends


  • 2500 coins
  • 50 experience points

Show of Strength

Castleville Anvil

  • Help Rafael to show off by crafting 1 Anvil
  • Anvil can be crafted at the Workshop and requires 5 stone blocks and 5 alchemist powders

Castleville Rock

  • Move 10 rocks around
  • Move 1 rock 10 times or 10 rocks 1 time each

Castleville Dragon Scales

  • Have 6 Dragon Scales
  • Ask friends for Dragon Scales or grab from news feeds


  • 2500 coins
  • 50 experience points

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