CastleVille Quest Guide: Mage Academy 5 - Astral Hall

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The Mage Academy event in CastleVille has expanded yet again this week, as players can now expand out to Astral Hall and help defend the building from Faugrimm and the Gloom Beasties. There are eight quests in this new Astral Hall series, and we're here with a guide to finishing them off.

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CastleVille Mage Academy 5 - Astral Hall Quest

Quest 1: Happy Explorer!

  • Find the Mage Academy Astral Hall in the Gloom
  • Investigate Astral Hall

Quest 2: Puff of Smoke

  • Have 3 Wizard's Cloaks
  • Prepare 1 Conjuration Spell
  • Use 1 Weed-B-Gone

Quest 3: Practice Makes Perfect

  • Clear 5 Bushes
  • Collect 5 Pails of Water
  • Cast 1 Summon Structure Spell

Quest 4: It's All About Protection!

  • Collect 8 Gummy Boots
  • Collect 4 Beeswax
  • Use Weed-B-Gone 5 Times

Quest 5: Banish the Storm!

  • Collect 8 Gummy Boots
  • Collect 4 Beeswax
  • Use Weed-B-Gone 5 Times

Quest 6: Laboratory Labor

  • Craft 3 Magic Carpets
  • Use 10 Weed-B-Gone
  • Buy 3 Decorations

Quest 7: Shore It Up!

  • Craft 3 Storm Wards
  • Upgrade the Astral Hall
  • Collect 3 Disappearance Dusts

Quest 8: Blip!

  • Use Weed-B-Gone 12 Times
  • Cast the Teleportation Spell
  • Craft 3 Teleportation Tethers

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